Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Golden Opportunity for Malaysian Opposition to TURN TABLE AROUND

Particularly this is for Pakatan Rakyat & PAS to turn the table around against UMNO.

At this moment the PAS is seen doing the right thing to denounce the Church & Sikh Temple Attacks, Muslim NGOs are doing night patrols to defend churches. This is excellent but can be better, if PAS organize it's Muslim supporters to join with volunteers from other religions and ethnics to perform Watch & Sentry for security of churches & temples, while calling for peace and mutual understanding.

This way the image of PAS will be highly enhanced towards positive in the public view. It will rather make UMNO look like the Radical Party DESPERATELY playing Ethnic & Religious Cards, which is the exact sign of and sunset regime.

In the history of China during the sunset days of Manchurian Qing Dynasty, there were similar attacks and burning of churches and violence by the YiHe (义和团)Boxers, this is not coincidental but comes with natural and similar reasons within the atmosphere of a desperate sunset regime.

The signs have shown up, and it is good sign for the Pakatan, so Pakatan should seize this golden opportunity and play out the right cards right at this moment. The table should turn rapidly!


I urge fellow Singaporeans to watch these developments of politics in Malaysia closely and learn from the experience of Malaysians who shared the same history and background with us. The experience from Malaysia and many other countries are helpful to the Singaporean reform.

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