Monday, December 07, 2009

uncleyap will offer Kubuntu Linux Installation Workshop this month

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I had scheduled 18 & 19 December 2009, a week before X'mas holidays to offer a full day Linux Installation Workshop based on Kubuntu 9.10, the next schedule will be in late Jan.2010 date to to be fixed.

18 & 19 December 2009 offer 2 choices, either Friday or Saturday. A Full Day workshops will be held on each day, between 9am to 5pm. Location is either Bishan or Tiong Bahru both near MRT, depending on number of participants registered. The final location will be decided near the closing date of registration 16.Dec.2009 according to the number of registered participants, this is due to the size of room needed to fit the number of participants.

The workshop is a Step-by-Step guided installation on participants' own computer, typically a laptop brought to the workshop. Participants need to indicate upon registration if a desktop is to be brought instead. That is followed by introductory operation of Kubuntu's KDE 4.3 desktop environment. Then hands on session and finally Question & Answer Session. To cover the cost of rentals etc, the registered participants are charged S$50 per pax.

One Day Beginners' Workshop

  • Part 1: Guided Step-By-Step Installation Process for Desktops and Laptops (3 Hours)
  • Part 2: Introduction to operating Kubuntu KDE 4.3.2 desktop environment (1 Hour 30 Mins)
  • Part 3: Hands On Session (30 Mins)
  • Part 4: Question & Answer Session (1 Hour)

Scope of Workshop

To learn the Installation Process of Linux and its basic operations. Meant for first-timers who perfer to do this together with other learners with step-by-step guidance by experienced instructors.

Participants attending this workshop must bring their own Laptops or Desktop, and follow the guided procedure of installation, and guided first-time operation. There are hands on as well as live demonstrations followed by Q & A sessions.

At the end of the workshop your computers will be installed with Kubuntu 9.10 Linux.

The installation is not compulsory. If you borrow a friend's laptop or one from work, you may still learn how to operate Kubuntu Linux at the workshop without installing or modifying anything inside the computer. Kubuntu Linux can run in most computers without having to be installed in them. You may boot up Kubuntu Linux with LIVE CDs that will be provided. Alternatively you may buy Kubuntu Bootable USB Thumb-Drives. Linux will run much faster when installed in harddisk, bootable CDs & USB drives are much slower in performance.

In Brief

  • Kubuntu Linux release 9.10

  • S$50.00 per person

  • 2 CD-R (700MB) bootable Live CD with Installer provided: 1CD for 32 bit, 1 CD for 64 bit.

  • Lunch & tea breaks are not catered. Lunch is scheduled between Part 1 & Part 2, tea break between Part 2 & Part 3

  • Bring your own Laptop 1 per person, you may bring Desktop but bring your own monitor + keyboard + mouse + power extension cord.

  • 1 power socket per person catered

  • shared 3G broadband catered on wifi or Ethernet - bring your own network wire.

I plan to continue to offer next year similar workshops and seminars at affordable fees, hoping to assist people to convert to Linux OS and benefit from time and money savings. It is part of my manifesto to support Open Source and against monopoly and exploitations. :-)

Linux users and IT persons are welcomed to take part in these technical programs. I also setup a Linux forum on one of my servers, given at URL at the top of this article. Please register to participate. :-)