Wednesday, December 02, 2009

General Election 2006 Speeches 3 Charges Discharged Amounting To Acquittals


In Court 10, today 2.Dec.2009, where Dr. Chee & myself applied for joiner of all remaining 8 charges (4 charges against each person), the prosecution applied to drop 6 remaining charges (3 charges against each person). That left the court with only 1 charge against each defendant to be heard next Feb (2010).

The discharge amounting to acquittals was ordered by District Judge Jill Tan at about 10AM.

We were also in the middle of Tak Boleh Tahan @Praliament case today in Court 24, in which case the matter was delayed because Dr. CSJ & myself had the other matters in Court 10 upstairs. In the end we found out that because the prosecution witness's family is doing a funeral because a person past away last night. So the trial can not proceed. It will continue on 14.Dec.2009 instead.

I read that the famiLEE LEEgime is no longer up to continue the same game with us any more, which we had fought them in the court non-stop since 2006. There are 16 charges, 8 to each of us faced by Dr. CSJ & me for the GE2006 sales speeches to raise funds by selling The New Democrat papers of SDP. After the charges dropped today, there is only a case which is at Bukit Gombak SMC contested by Mr. Ling How Dong. I also read that the famiLEE LEEgime kept this last case just to save their face. :-)

I told judge today that since they had dropped remaining 3 charges today, I will be considering to change plea too. :-)

My considerations is to save time and tax payers dollars. $$$$Millions$$$$$ had been spent by famiLEE LEEgime so far since 2006, for Ass Loong Son to FIX THE OPPOSITION AFTER THE ELECTION in his very own words. Fortunately he learned now regarding who had really fixed who. Last month I told the prosecutor before District Judge Rahim that I am ready to fight them on in the very same way in the few years ahead, I had done it and will continue if they wish to have it.

The fight clearly is changing into a newer phase, and the past is not expected to be repeated.

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