Monday, October 12, 2009

Tak Boleh Tahan Protest's Mata Video is Online

Tak Boleh Tahan Protest @ Singapore Parliament police video from uncleyap on Vimeo.

This is the police video evidence used in court to charge 19 activists for protesting against price hikes and inflation of cost of living on the World's Consumers' Rights Day (15.March.2008). The policeman who took this video is Station Inspector Amir Rudin from Central Police Division.

The arrest were ordered by (then) Assistant Superintendent of Police Willam Goh, (he is now promoted to Deputy Superintendent) all the police dare not wear uniform for this operation. Their violation of rules of law and incompetence is obvious in the video.

Pay attention to time mark @ 14:49:05 when police injured activist Mr Seelan and @ 14:50:05 Mr Seelan downed on floor of police van pointed out at the violent culprit plain clothe policeman.

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This is SI Amir Rudin in dark polo @ above here:
he is currently on the witness stand under my cross-examinations in the trial
he is telling tons of stupid lies in courts that undermines the intellegence
of entire court, e.g. he was using a camera but my camera was not a camera etc.
Desperately trying to dodge by Acting Blur!

At time mark about 14:49:20 I was shouting very loudly from inside of police van: "Hey You! Police Brutality!? ....." when I witnessed Mr. Seelan being hurt by the plain-clothe policeman in brown striped polo. I was inside a different police van but I could see via window what happened to Mr. Seelan.

At time mark about 14:49:49 you can hear Dr Chee's voice asking repeatedly "What did you all do to him?" but the mata was unable to answer. Mr. Seelan was nearly collapsed on floor of police van, as he was put in the same mata van as Dr. Chee.

The red line circle on the picture above shows the brown striped polo mata who was pointed out by Mr. Seelan to have caused him hurt. Mr. Seelan was answering Dr. Chee's question by saying: "this police officer attacked me" at time mark 14:50:02

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