Friday, September 04, 2009

Straits Times Political Correspondent Jeremy Au Yong testiied as my witness

On 1st September 2009 in Court 19, in the case of PS1348/2008 & others, I called via subpoenas for Mr. Jeremy Au Yong - Correspondent Political Desk from Straits Time to testify for the event which he covered on 16 September 2007 (LKy's Birthday) at Hong Lim Park & Istana which is exactly 1 year after WB/IMF Speaker Cornered. He was the last witness of the entire case, the court designated him as DW2 - Defense's 2nd Witness.

Jeremy is seen in black polo-shirt behind Miss Chee, the white polo-shirt in front is mata DSP Chan Peng Khuan Central Division:

Jeremy is seen in black polo-shirt at right-most of this picture:

In the matter, Mr. Jeremy Au Yong took the witness stand from 9:30am till about 4pm.

I except that 99% of his testimony to be truthful, 1% is inaccurate due to mostly his memory of the event since 2007 is already about 2 years back. He told the court similar to what I said as DW1, that the Walk on 16.Sept.2007 beginning from Speakers Corner was done in NO PARTICULAR ORDER NOR SEQUENCE; WAS PEACEFUL; NO FLAGS; BANNERS; PLACARDS WAS CARRIED; NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS USED; IT WAS ON THE SIDEWALKS ONLY; NO UNINTERRUPTED CONTINUITY WAS MAINTAINED AND OTHER PEDESTRIANS FREQUENTLY CUT INTO THE WALKING POSITIONS OF ACTIVISTS.

Therefore, I argued that it was a casual walk like no other road users and it had not been seen nor identified as any form of processions, as there were no physical body of a procession that passers-by and on-lookers could identify nor notice. The activists had merely conveyed themselves on foot from Speakers Corner to QRP to hold a peaceful candle light vigil. They should not be discriminated apart from any other lawful citizens and road users, as they enjoy the same constitutional rights of Equality, Freedom and Liberty.


In the even I was only a blogger covering the event's reporting, just like other bloggers such as Mr. Ng E-Jay (sg-politics) and Mr. Andrew Loh (TOC), and performed no different journalistic roles apart from Jeremy; and at least half dozen of other jornalists & camera men. All these jornalistic persons including myself did not wear any slogan T-shirts, unlike the few activist.

The only additional role I did, as I told judge, that I was policing the mata, to ensure that they did not performed their enforcement beyond the lawful limits of police powers. In the WB/IMF 2006 (Speakers Cornered) the mata did exactly this sort of Civil Rights Violations. That's why I need to police them. :-)

I said these activist were my baits and the matas were my fish. I was fishing for video and photos that would ressemble WB/IMF 2006. :-)

I am now still writing my closing submission for this case, while I am preparing to be in famiLEE LEEgime's Changi Prison as early as tomorrow. :-) for 2 different matters - alleged speech with Dr CSJ on 16.Nov.2005 & 12.April.2006 both at Queen Street Kuan Yin Temple.

I am preparing to stage hunger-strike in prison, taking only water, and token amount of bread (a finger size each every 2 days).

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