Friday, August 07, 2009

Singaporeans should Counter-Rally against famiLEE LEEgime each NDP

This is the tradition since Ass Loong Son's Mai Hum Saga. I am insisting here that it should become a persistent tradition until the LEEgime's end.

I am calling Singaporeans to record each & every of famiLEE LEEgime's National Day Rally and put on e.g. YouTube, and for the purpose of posting Video Responds or COUNTER RALLY MESSAGES against it, soon after each National Day.

I call on activists and volunteers to assist each opposition parties to record; edit produce and publish these videos. :-)

There is an on going idea also for a series of Political Talk Show Online. I am calling for a concerted effort to get this materialized. There should be a series of Online Talk Shows on selected topics, recorded and published on the New Media, either forthnightly or monthly basis, runing from now till the next GE. Invite the opposition canidate, and invite the PAp - but I know that they will chicken out. :-)

Make the National Day the 1st topic, make H1N1 the next. We can do NKF; MSK; IR etc later. Don't forget also LEEs defamation suit. ;)

Need sponsorship of sound and lightings and venue, and furniture. Need volunteer video crew; editor; recording persons for audio & video; need show host and helpers etc. Public audience to be allowed to speak or raise questions. The recording should be quasi-live, and then web-casted within days of the recording.

Lets get this going!


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