Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teo Chee Hean's SAF ComfortDelGro Collaboration in Cheating?

famiLEE LEEgime's Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Defense Teo Chee Hean better take notice of this, and may be he would not be so surprised afterall.

Singapore Armed Forces - Comfort Delgro Driving Center Scandal

SAF contracts Comfort DelGro Driving School a political crony driving school to train Army drivers. On Saturday afternoon 11.July.2009 the army driver trainees dressed in jeans and T-shirt together with their civilian driving instructors and their cars, spent an afternoon all resting picnicking smoking and drinking in the Kent Ridge Park instead of doing any driving lessons. Squandering tax payers funds and conduction a training fraud for national defense.

I have got evidence here recorded on video.

I found out that SAF Out-Sourced some military drivers training program to crony civilian company such as ComfortDelGro Driving Center. In these programs SAF drivers were not wearing uniform. ComfortDelGro's regular civilian training cars were used.

Saturday 11.July.2009 about 32 cars with instructors and military trainees were supposed to be training in the afternoon. But instead of doing that more than half of them were having a picnic at Kent Ridge Park. The instructors and trainees colluded to this cheating. There were at the park relaxing and awaiting for the training schedule to expire instead.

The driving instructors let some the trainees sleep in the airconditioned cars. Some of them buy soft drinks, others smoked. Some took pictures of themselves with the scenery of the park. Used handphones to call girlfriends etc.

It was a wonderful outdoor picnic on the tax payers expense, with airconditioned cars!

The picnic began after lunch time. Car after car they arrived and parked at the park filling up the parking lots. The picnic lasted until about 1530hr, at which they all swiftly drove off to BOOK-OUT and Pang-Kang (knock-off). Another nice day of tax payers salaries earned easily!

In these videos, wearing jeans and T-shirts are SAF trainees, wearing ComfortDelGro T-shirts and blue uniforms are driving instructors.

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