Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Public To Be Vigilant & Ensure Fairness for victim of alleged Police Chief Molest

This is a call for Public to stand sentinel and keep watch to ensure no violation of rights and fairness to the waitress of Shangri-La Hotel's Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant who alleged that police Tanglin Division Commander Superintendent Paul Lim Choon Wui had molested her.

To be fair, I acknowledge that a Superintendent is equally pressurized and feel vulnerable in a high public office to be accused of committing such offense.

However a civilian woman working as a waitress is surely in a low social hierarchy to suffer unwanted sexual advancement from a Superintendent of Police. There is no doubt in this. The additional pressure and stress she will go through as a victim of a sexual offense case under then hands of the same police force commanded by the superintendent is something not a man in the street can imagine.

This is putting the police force actually to a test because there isn't any Internal Affairs Department in SPF unlike other places.

Actually for the alleged offense to be at the Shangri-La Hotel I believe that fell into the jurisdiction of Tangling Police Division which is exactly where Superintendent Paul Lim Choon Wui was the commander.

Now the Head Of Investigation, Chief Investigation Officer & Investigation Officers etc will be investigating against their own very commander. That is a big test for these officers and the whole department. Even though this commander had been officially replaced, his actual personal influence within the police force and Tangling Division is not really affected by this replacement.

The members of public have to keep a watchful eye and be prepared to do our duties to up hold public justice when necessary.

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Ex-Tanglin police chief under probe

THE recently replaced commander of the Tanglin Police Division, Superintendent Paul Lim Choon Wui, is being investigated by the police after a waitress at the Shangri-La Hotel alleged that he had molested her.

The alleged incident happened early last month at Shang Palace, a Chinese restaurant in the five-star hotel off Orchard Road.

The 38-year-old bachelor was with a group of about 10 friends in a private room at the restaurant at that time. It is understood that Supt Lim was the only police officer in the group, and the dinner was a private event.

Lianhe Zaobao reported that Supt Lim was currently on holiday. He joined the police force in 1990.

The Tanglin neighbourhood police post, which he used to head, has received two "Best police post" awards.

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