Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Singaporeans urged to Observe and Monitor Malaysian Court Decisions on Perak

I am urging fellow Singaporeans to fulfill our roles as international observers to monitor and react if necessary for our friends and relatives in Malaysia, for the on going developments in Perak. This role is important as our country Singapore being a closely connected and historically related neighbor of Malaysia. If we showed negligence and apathy toward Malaysian matters, then we can not expect our Malaysian friends and neighbors to show any concern over any injustice or crisis that we could be suffering as Singaporeans.

The Chinese idiom of 家家自扫门前雪,described the selfish apathetic attitude of disregarding any matter beyond the tight boundary of your very own front yard. That idiom actually educates people to exercise some selflessness by e.g. helping to sweep snow off neighbor's front yard, instead of just your very own. This community spirit is very simple to understand that being selfish apathetic and mindless of your neighbors' well being, one can not expect to receive any help from neighbors in return.

I am not urging Singaporeans to overstep into any area that is beyond our role as a neighbor. To observe and monitor and lend a voice of justice and share our views, express our concern, and exercise our influence positively as friend and neighbor and family relatives should be the limit.

Singapore and Malaysia shares the same history as British Colonies and had been together as a federation, our peoples had nearly been through the same route of development. It will be healthy meaningful and momentous to cross share our experiences as peoples of Singapore and Malaysia. Therefore I suggest that we should also learn the Malaysian experience for our own reference and learning, this would be helpful on our own route of reform.


As I had expected, it was still to early for Pakatan to celebrate yesterday. Fight will still proceed on and there would be more exchanges and outcomes in due time before the matters of Perak to be settled. Many Singaporean had been sharing the happiness yesterday, but I said, must still closely monitor and it was too early to celebrate still.

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