Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Royal Discount in Rule Of Law by the famiLEE LEEgime

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Firstly I commend the officers of Singapore Police Force in their reported efforts in freeing the 17 year old wife (Ma nohara Odelia Pinot) of Kelantan Price, from the control of Royal Bodyguards at Crown Prince Hotel. I believe that area of Orchard is under Central Police Division. Well Done! Although some officiers from Central Police Division at taken many actions against peaceful protesters and activists such as arresting myself, I hold no grudge from commending them for their act of justice to rescue a young woman forcefully deprived of her freedom.

At least for this matter I recognized that you had really done the job for justice and served your duties as police officers are expected to.

However, I think the Singapore Police Force can still do better than what had been done.

I am here by making opened call to Wong Kan Seng as the Minister Of Home Affairs, to take necessary and proper action for this case of alledged crimes committed in the jurisdiction of Rep of Singapore, that the young woman was held in Crown Prince Hotel Orchard Road against her own free will, she claimed to be injured and sexually abused.

I disagree that Rule Of Law can be compromised and justice can be discounted for the Malaysian Royals when they are in Singapore. All the laws of Singapore should be applicable to the Royals and their servants and bodyguards. There should be no neglect nor discount nor favorisum.

Although dipomatic immunity may apply to the Malaysian Royals on diplomatic passport, they can be free from prosecutions, but their servants and bodyguards may not have such priviledge. However it seemed that no investigation had been conducted against these alledge crimes at all. According to the press statements of the victim, it seemed that Wongful Confinement had been committed in Singapore at the Crown Prince Hotel. Possible Offenses against Penal Code sections 340 343 344 346 should be investigated. Kidnapping & Abduction might had also been committed and needs proper investigation. Marital Rape & Hurt or other offenses might also had been committed against the victim in Singapore.

Then the following 2 sections of penal code must also be highlighted:

365 Kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine a person

366 Kidnapping or abducting a woman to compel her marriage, etc.

I am surprised that the victim was arranged to leave Singapore in a great hurry, before any investigation. She did not seem to have received medical care nor examination in Singapore after being rescued by police. Why? Is that a proper & regular treatment / procedure?

Is that showing that famiLEE LEEgime is treating Malaysian Royals differently apart from any other persons? That is violation of constitutional equality clause 12, that assure that every person to be equally protected by law.

Mr. Wong please show the world that you can up hold the rule of law, although you had let Mas Selmat fled from ISD and failed to get him back here after 1 year and 4 months. Please show the world that there is no discount for Royals in Justice and Rule Of Law. Is that something too difficult for you? Can you leave that million-dollar job to a better person if you find it to difficult to cope with.

In this case of Royal Sex Slave, the entire world heard that Ma nohara Odelia Pinot had fled from a hotel in Orchard Road where she was held against her will and was held to suffer abuses. There is obviously serious Violation of Law & very basic rights of a person commited here, and your ministry can keep silent about it all the way?

Fortunately she had fled from a lift instead of taking a toilet break like MSK.

Malaysian Police had helped you to arrest Mas Selamat, it is time now for you to return the great favor by arresting the Royal Sex Abuser for them. How can you miss this opportunity to trade favor and forge tie with Najib's govt? I am suggesting a win-win deal for you both - BN Regime & famiLEE LEEgime, you don't have thank me for this, but just stop dissapointing the Singaporean peasants, OK?


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