Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Protest Assembly & Procession This Sunday by Hong Kong POLICEMEN!

Well if this was illegal then Hong Kong's mata will have the arrest themselves on this coming Sunday 28.Jun.2009 :-)

According to Hong Kong Yahoo's news the worried Chief Of Hong Kong Police Commissioner Tang King Sheng (鄧竟成 another Ah Seng?) had just cut-short his official tour in Europe where he was supposed to be visiting France UK & Holland and attend official meetings of police business. He is rushing back to Hong Kong tomorrow, Thursday 25.Jun.2009 Urgently to deal with his men's Protest March scheduled on Sunday 28.Jun.2009.

Another Chief of Security Forces - Lee, asked police officers to reconsider seriously on taking part in the Protest March this coming weekend. He said such an activity may destroy the good images of Hong Kong Police which was well maintained in the past.

So Stay-Tuned and wactch the news on Sunday!

Especially Ah Seng & SPF matas! Open your eyes to something New & Exciting. :-)

The world had CHANGED, according to Obama! :-)

I had posted previously on Gurkhas protesting for their rights in UK, as well as Hong Kong's Gurkha guards protesting against their employer. Now we see Hong Kong's Policemen doing the same.

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(明報)2009年6月24日 星期三 22:20

在海外考察的警務署長鄧竟成 決定縮短行程,明日返港處理警察團體計劃在星期日的遊行事件。

保安局 長李少光 今日亦表示,希望警員慎重考慮參加周日的遊行,這可能破壞警隊一直以來建立的良好形象。他表示,希望警員透過既定的機制,進行商討,表達訴求,他不鼓勵警員遊行表達意見。

鄧竟成原定於本月12日至27日在法國 、英國 及荷蘭 ,參加警務合作會議。(即時新聞)

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