Sunday, June 28, 2009

454 H1N1 cases, time for me to slam this!

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I knew this will surely happen and was anticipating it. It happened exactly as I had expected.

Before the number of cases reached this level I was deliberately holding back from slamming the famiLEE LEEgime on their Epidemic Control Policies. I was awaiting for the mark of 500 cases, and this will be reached tomorrow or another day more at the most.

Cow Boon Wan had treated H1N1 with very slack and light attitude right from the beginning. He had even downgraded the alert measures from Orange level down to Yellow and not raised it since even until today. I think I should use the same word as (mis)used by Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew regarding Ah Seng's lost of Mas Selamat - COMPLACENCY.

The famiLEE LEEgime fooled itself with it own propaganda and falsehood on their so called success in handling SARS, and they now believed in their own craps which they cooked up to bluff the others. They became COMPLACENT with their ability to handle H1N1. They had right from the start claimed that they were fully ready for anything, before the virus had reached many other countries.

The attitude of Cow Boon Wan our million dollar Minister of HELL is one of the Non-Essential & Slump 消极;无切要;无所谓 that he accepted defeat before beginning of war, that he took it that H1N1 will be spreading in Singapore any way. And he is Ok to see that happened. He thinks the H1N1's death rate is too low and he is COMPLACENT he have the flu medicine so things would not get out of hands.

But he is wrong, Singaporeans are going to die of H1N1 pandemic, and economic losses as well as unacceptable disruptions are going to be suffered by the republic as well as it's peasants.

Cow Boon Wan is paid millions of Singaporean tax dollars each year. He took the credits falsely from the SARS round and he inflated and multiplied this falsehood and rewarded his subordinates in the same matters of SARS. Singaporeans will suffer more pains and losses in H1N1 round than SARS. It will cost more than SARS. Spread deeper and wider than SARS and affect us more badly than SARS. Schools and Polytechnics are now closed for H1N1 already. It is Cow Boon Wan's responsibility and duty to address these, but we are going to get death; quaranteen; ailment; losses; and painful disruptions due to the poor attitude and policies of famiLEE LEEgime particularly FT Cow.

Unlike the SARS round, this time I will post some ideas and measures online. In the SARS round I refrain from providing any constructive and useful ideas. I had then only made a small exception regarding the idea of giving Video Conference to the dying SARS patients for their families to have some Cyber Access to them before they died. This exception I made was out of compassion only. I did not want to contribute any thing helful other than that.

In this round, I will show what famiLEE LEEgime could had done earlier but failed to do so. And I will do so not to help them but to show for comparison against their Incompetence (plus Complacency). I will be posting online, but not yet. The case number mark near 500 is still too low, and I should brutally wait on.

S’pore confirms 89 new H1N1 cases, bringing total number to 454

Channel NewsAsia - Sunday, June 28

SINGAPORE: Singapore has confirmed 89 new cases of H1N1, bringing the total tally to 454 confirmed cases.

The Health Ministry said in addition to these 89 new cases, 53 other cases were pending investigation on Friday.

Of these 142 cases, 65 have been investigated. They comprise 34 local cases, 31 imported cases, while the remaining 77 cases are still being investigated.

The 34 new local cases include 10 new cases in the Republic Polytechnic cluster and seven new cases in the Maju Camp cluster.

There are also two new cases in the Tekong cluster and both are full—time national servicemen.

In addition, there is a new cluster from an NUS Orientation Camp comprising three new cases and one previously unlinked case. — CNA/vm

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