Monday, July 06, 2009

Wong Kan Seng Squandering $millions on KIASU paranoid ineffective CCTVs

One would be so surprised that this is only one of the exits at Bugis MRT Station in Singapore. I may say that if Ah Seng needed any more space to satisfy his CCTV Camera fetish, there will be no more space left on the ceilings for him except to dismental the lightings.

Still not forgeting how many millions had Ah Seng squandered on Mas Selamat. These cameras, cablingings, network, recording system, and centralized monitoring room will cost a billion dollar or more. The matas I spoke to today at the MRT told me that it is going to be implemented at ALL MRT Stations.

If you walked into the station you and looked at the ceiling and walls you will find as many CCTV cameras. There could be more CCTV cameras than lights. There is definitely more Cameras than Public Announcement speakers and passengers information system and sign boards.

Check out every corner of the exists. Really there is too many cameras that I could use my camera to capture. This must be a world record set by Wong Kan Seng.

Thank you tax payers!

You can wonder how these projects benefited the famiLEE LEEgime's cronies.

You can apply the past experience of their Systematic Fuck-Ups, to know that there are more monitors that sleepy eyes paid to be NOT watching them.

If any one would believe that so called Terrorists would be deterred by these lame childish toys, then they totally don't understand these so called Terrorists. They are NOT afraid to die. They can escape from Whitley Road ISD, they can defeat Gurkhas, they can not be found, they can swim to Malaysia even with limping leg. They are beyond famiLEE LEEgime's childish imagination and magnitude.

These Expensive Cameras only make the so called Terrorists laugh, and assure them that Ah Seng and famiLEE LEEgime are Certainly Afraid Of as well as Don't Know How To Deal With Them.

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I was sitting in the parliament's gallery when Ah Seng told the parliament that NOT A SINGLE CAMERA WAS WORKING when JI's Mas Selamat Fled famiLEE LEEgime's Internal Security Department's Whitley Road Detention Center on 27.Feb.2008. There wasn't a single CCTV camera that could see nor alerted of nor recorded Mas Selamat as he fled Ah Seng's WaterLOO Toilet in WRDC. Ah Seng told parliament then that he spent 7 years and millions of dollar to UPGRADE WRDC in a series of tax dollar squandering projects, and that WRDC had never held more than 50 prisoners. It's upgrading was so well done, that Ah Seng's WaterLOO Toilet had NO WINDOW GRILLS, and the Only Security Implemented on it was SAWING AWAY THE WINDOW'S HANDLE!!!


I remind the world and Singaporean people to put these Astonishing Achievements of Ah Seng side-by-side in considering these tax dollars spent, and their expected results.

Then add on the consideration of Ah Seng's S$2-3 million salaries. How does it justify?

And where is his still missing resignation letter from 2008?