Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Very Sensitive Death that would cost BN significant amount of Votes

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This afternoon as I was still at famiLEE LEEgime's court on matters related to WB-IMF protest anniversary walk, at about 1pm. An aide of of Malaysian opposition's Selangor Exco was found dead at the HQ of MACC the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Bureau. In court today I also saw the new famous Ming Yi from RenCi.

This dead in Kuala Lumpur is very sensitive. The political impact is going to be quite significant.

The deseased late Mr. Teo Beng Hock was to be married tomorrow.

Protests had already started in Malaysia for this death.

Mr. Teo was not a suspect in the corruption investigation, but just merely a witness. Imagine a witness will jump to death from the bureau's HQ on the even of his own wedding? What sort of unnecessary (if not unlawful) pressure had been put on him. It is obvious that there is suspicion of him being murdered instead of committed suicide.

This is going to make lots of head lines for a long while.

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