Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thug-Sin: Najib Loves me and Protect me in Malaysia Over-Night!

Najib's ISD known as the Special Brunch is not only being used to arrest Mr. Anwar and Mas Selamat, it is further being abused to arrest Civil Activist and protect fugitive bastard Thug-Sin the Sinful Thug ousted from Thailand.

This Tender Love and Careful Protection by Najib is then SHAMELESSLY and AUDACIOUSLY used by Thug-Sin to Flatter himself. Interpol and many international government besides the Thai police and court are sorting to arrest this Corrupted Scum who collaborated with Corrupted & Incompetent famiLEE LEEgime & Temasek Holding.

The de-throned Abdullah's govt had only allowed Thug-Sin to Transit & not enter Malaysia after Thai courts repeatedly issued warrants to arrest him & his fugitive (ex-)wife. Najib showed more Love to Thug-Sin than Abdullah.

Fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra confirmed Monday that he had stayed overnight in Malaysia and had been provided with special-branch police security.

Thailand's The Nation news URL

Malaysia protects me because they love me: Thaksin

"My private jet stopped for refuelling in Malaysia and they sent 20 special-branch policemen to guard me. They love and care about me," Thaksin said in a phone-in to FM 97.5 Udon Lovers community radio station yesterday morning.

This is the first time that Thaksin has been so close to Thailand since he fled last year.

Thai authorities had said earlier that Thaksin was in Malaysia on July 4 and had left the next day for Fiji before Thai police could take action. Thaksin ended his island hopping in the South Pacific and flew back to Dubai last Friday.

In the radio programme, host Kwanchai Praipana, a staunch supporter of Thaksin, asked the ousted PM about his thoughts on the current government's performance.

The radio programme was also broadcast via the Internet so communities across the nation could listen in.

During the hour-long chat, Thaksin called on his red-shirt supporters to unite and prepare for the next elections.

"If there is an election we will have to come out in force like we did in Sakon Nakhon and Si Sa Ket, [where the by-elections were won by Pheu Thai Party], and change the direction of Thailand," he said.

He also added that should Pheu Thai win the elections and form the next government, it would make reconciliation possible.

Some 200 members of the Udon Lovers Club, which is associated to the radio programme, greeted the former premier, saying they missed him and wanted him to return to Thailand soon.

"You people [Udon natives] are role models for red-shirt supporters nationwide. If I have a chance to return, I will buy a plot of land and build a house [in Udon Thani]," Thaksin told his supporters.

Later Kwanchai said he would evaluate the response to the phone-in and added that he might ask the former PM to call again if he felt the need to defend himself.

"For three years Thaksin has been facing accusations, and he has not been able to defend himself because the state media has shut its door on him. So, our community radios nationwide should allow him to be heard," the host said.

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