Saturday, August 22, 2009

Even PAppies Need Not Be Afraid of Old Dog Thief

Not only the oppositions are not afraid of Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew, today I think that even PAppies need not be afraid of this useless Corrupted and Incompetent Old Dog. He is NOTHING. Why are you afraid of Nothing?

Like a dog which dare only bark inside it's side of the fence, Lee Kuan Yew is precisely this kind of Coward. Once over at the other side of the fence, it got it's tail hidden between it's own two hind legs to cover his own ass, and he became humble and quiet. If you threaten it, it's hair will stand up.

We had seen how Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew, got slammed and forced to appologize to Malaysia and Indonesia, time and again, not just once. Just Lan Lan and silent after he appologized. It takes only someone as lame and useless as Abdullah Ahmad Badai can simply demand appology from LKy. If you remember, during WB/IMF 2006 the Old Dog Thief (告洋状) complainted to WB/IMF westerners that Chinese In Malaysian & Indonesia Had Been Systematically Marginalized. Abdullah & Bang Bang Susilo merely asked LKy to explain what he complainted to Ang Moh, and then the Old Dog Thief just Lan Lan Appologized. He dare not appologize in person, and instead he ran to his western masters in Europe and then sent his appology from there in writting.

This is exactly like dogs running back to their masters when they found themselves in deeper trobubles than they could handle. They dare not even make a single sound and just ran back to master, only at the masters' feet they dare to make a single sound. This is Tyrant LKy for you PAppies (狗德行) why have you got to be afraid of him?

I had asked PAppies to stand up against LKy the old dog thief, and if you do, I will ask Singaporean peasants to stand up to back you.

Be afraid no more, Renegade Now!


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