Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Commending the Modesty & Respectful Considerations of Hatoyama

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Japan's victorious DPJ, minor parties to form coalition government

Tokyo, Aug 31 : Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) President Yukio Hatoyama was expected to hold talks Monday with leaders of several minor opposition parties on forming a new coalition government.

he DPJ secured a comfortable majority of 308 of the 480 seats in the House of Representatives election Sunday, ending more than 50 years of nearly uninterrupted rule by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

DPJ's Hatoyama is very modest and respectful to other parties by this act of forming coalition, when his party already got the land-side victory with clear majority control in the parliamentary election.

This is will serve as a very outstanding contrast against the Kiasu Coward attitude displayed over the decades by the famiLEE LEEgime, which held 1-party-rule and went out of the way to bully and remove out-right minority opposition such as well respected late Mr. JBJ REPEATEDLY from the parliament. LKy the old dog thief is such a coward bully and shameless kiasu compared with Mr. Hatoyama of DPJ.

The contrast showed by this comparison is the strongest.

DPJ got very very significant majority seats and absolutely do not need the minor parties small number of additional seats. But he took the trouble and additional liablity to do form a COALISION GOVT instead of a 1-party government this is so UNlike Lee Kuan Yew the coward Kiasu Ah Beng Old Dog Thief.

What did that showed?

This showed the strong contrast that Hatoyama is so prepared to accept different parties opinions and Lee Kuan Yew will seek to Squash Out every alternate voices. The greater person is the modest one, and the clown (Ah Beng) is the arrogant and selfish one.

Isn't that very obvious?


This further indicated that Hatoyama is preparing with self-confident to lead a coalition government consisting of multiple parties instead of just his own DPJ, he believe that his leadership is able to lead more than just one party to function together as a single government.

In comparison, Lee Kuan Yew the arrogant coward Ah Beng, is fearful of late Mr. JBJ who has only one single seat in Anson, when he got 82 PAp lap dogs occupying the rest of the parliament plus himself in Tanjong Pagar. He knows that his leadership is WEAK and he has no confident to get away from just one late Mr. JBJ.

What more further need I write?


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