Thursday, May 22, 2008

Charge Matas with me then I plea guilty

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DAC-1294 & other - Change Of Plea
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k.h. Yap Thu, May 22, 2008 at 11:39 PM
Attn M/S Wang
Attorney Generals' Chamber

Dear AGC,

I refer to above charges of illegal assembly & procession faced by myself with more than a dozen co-accused.

I refer also to the PTC session this morning at 9:30am, where I had told the judge my intention plea guilty on amended charges.

As I explained to judge at PTC, my role at the parliament square on 15.Mar.2008 was recording video just like the Media Reporters as one of the bloggers, and similar with those 4 police video team, and I took no part as a group with the protesters at any time. If there were any illegal assembly that I had committed it would be one together with the protesters but with those using camera to capture the protest.

Thus, if AGC amend the charge of illegal assembly from one that wrongly put me as part of the protesters, to one that correctly charge me together with the 4 police video crews, I will plea guilty then. It is up to the AGC weather you also want to charge all the reporters together.

I am willing to even testify on the stand that the 4 police video crew & myself share a common intent in this illegal assembly which is to take video of the protest. 4 police plus myself is sufficient to make the number of 5 therefore reach the iLEEgal limit. But I will not testify against reporters & activists.

Attached are photos of the 4 police video crews.

I will however insist to claim trial in open court if you still charge me together with the activists.

I had asked more than 5 times since the 1st PTC for:

  • List of evidence
  • List of witnesses
  • Copy of police videos in the 2 cameras

I am very sure that my 2 GSM phones are irrelevant to the case because they were never used in the parliament square area. I think more than 2 months from 15.May.2008 is more than enough time for prosecution to find out the relevance of the seized properties, stop abusing authority to hold on to these properties which had been seized abusively. I am planing to stage public protest against these abuses.

Thanks & regards

yap keng ho


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added for reference: Large crowd of media photographers at scene on 15.Mar.2008 @ Parliament Square (the followings are not part of the above email).

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