Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Judge has no answer weather DVD evidence is LEEgal

Same Video DVD made of political contents:

This one used by LEEgime to fix opposition = LEEgal:
the above is video evidence used to convict Dr. CSJ, Mr. Ghandi & myself, it content (alledged) political speeches of all 3 of us, filmed by LEEgime's mata, screened in open Court's Hearing to media reporters.

This one used by opposition to fix LEEgime = ilLEEgal:
the above is a documentary regarding LKy & people who are fighting against his LEEgime, downloadable and Viewable online HERE. This was seized by LEEgime's mata, when screened in Private.

Today, Dr CSJ & myself were together convicted for yet another charge of election speeches. Sentencing is on 30.May.2008. I asked the judge today in open court before the LEEgime's 154th media but had no answer, that the DVD video discs used as evidence to convict us are all WITHOUT any Film Censor Board Certificate, weather does that violate the LEEgime's Film Act?

I will soon send the mata evidence DVD disc to MDA for film censorship and see if that will pass or fail. I already made police report against the LEEgime who was in possession of Un-Licensed DVD video discs in court. :-)

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