Sunday, May 18, 2008

LEEgime tried to prevent a movie about itself

Her name is Padmamuthu:

look at the face of the video camera mata!
This one is MDA Assistant Director Tan Chiu Kee, face resemblance Mah Boh Tan and is shorter than Wong Kan Seng.

So the famiLEE LEEgime got busy again today, this time to try in vain to stop a screening of a movie about themselves. There were half a dozen of under-cover matas downstairs outside the hotel, I have go video and pictures of them but not showing here yet.

These are the famiLEE LEEgime's movie Aum Pai - MDA:

Today (17.May.2008) 1245Hr 3 MDA came for 2nd time to serve a warning letter. The previous time was 2130hr last night at Dr CSJ's office. They are trying to use intimidations about LEEgime's so called Film Act. :-) really a joke!

At 1410Hr when movie was screen for roughly between 6 to 7 mins, they came in as expected, I was waiting with camera a the door. :-) I knew they had inserted spy, but we used their spy. They came with half a dozen and under-cover matas with video camera included. They tried to stop the screening, without even identifying themselves with any uniform or wearing any cards to identify themselves. These LEEgime civil servants failed to answer a simple question "WHO ARE YOU?" So they got booted out of the ball room immediately.

After 15 mins of negotiations & listening to opinion of lawyer Chia Ti Lik, regarding on the legal terms of REASONABLE TIME, no agreement was reached and MDA did not regain entry to the ball room where screening was still on. MDA decided to CALL POLICE - as if the mata wasn't already standing next to them!

So 15 mins later came 3 plain clothes from Central Division (Cantonment) and another mata camera:

When the 10-15mins of Yellow-Shirt Mata (Name Tan Ee Kan) intervention, the movie screening inside the ball room was about to reach ending part. MDA was promised to gain access inside to take the DVD disc, so the 3 matas left:


Smile LEEgime! You are on UncleYap's blog!

The time mark of this clip recorded by myself is about 1450Hr 17.May.2008 SAT which begin just after the 3 matas (Tan Ee Kan & 2 others) from Central Division Centonment Mata-Chu left:

Downloadable documentary video 48MB

MDA & MS Chee Siok Chin endorsed DVD's Seizure Form, the last who signed it as witness was the gray T-shirt gray hair Mata.

MDA returned again asking to seize the projector which they found out does not belong to hotel, they have rights to seize only film or disc but projector not specified by law. They were exceeding law of famiLEE LEEgime.

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