Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not Approved to take video of LKy & Son's Political Masturbation

Gmail Uncle Yap

Application to take video of Lee Kuan Yew & Lee Hsien Loong on witness stand
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Meen Er TANG Thu, May 22, 2008 at 4:06 PM
Dear Mr Yap,

I refer to your email below.

The Supreme Court has a long standing rule that prohibits any filming,
photography or recording of proceedings by any party for open court and
chamber matters. This applies in all cases regardless of the nature of the
case or parties involved.

You may wish to know that this rule applies to everyone, including the

Accordingly, we are unable to accede to your request.

Yours faithfully,

Tang Meen-Er (Ms)

Deputy Director (Legal Directorate)

Supreme Court of Singapore, 1 Supreme Court Lane, Singapore 178879


Privileged or confidential information may be contained in this email. If
you are not the intended addressee, you must not copy or distribute the
mail or take any action in reliance thereon. Communication of any
information in this mail to any unauthorised person may be an offence
under the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213). If you have received this mail
in error, please delete it and notify the sender immediately. Thank you.

"k.h. Yap"
uncleyap@gmail Patricia SEE/SUPCOURT/SINGOV@SINGOV
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PMO Hsien Loong
12:56 Subject
Application to take video of Lee
Kuan Yew & Lee Hsien Loong on
witness stand

To the Trial Judge Belinda ANG & Chief Justice:

Dear Sirs,

I am seeking approval from Singapore High Courts for permission to take
video of Lee Kuan Yew & Lee Hisen Loong on the witness stand in the NKF
suit. As I am aware that filming is not allowed unless approved by court.

My application is made in personal capacity as a citizen blogger. The
purpose of my video filming is to publish on my blog via Google Video.

This rare occasion of Lee's braveries to meet oppositions in cross
examination is really a record of Singapore's history. Therefore I seek the
court's approval to have this precious scenes recorded and published

I propose the use of tripod and digital cameras set in position facing
witness stand, and in remote control, so that I can operate from the public

Would the honorable court please kindly consider by application.

Thanks & regards

yap keng ho


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