Friday, October 02, 2009

POWERFUL OMENs on JBJ's 1st Anniversary

Mr. JBJ is in our hearts forever

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It is proven now that shock waves was so powerful, and on the same day had hit SG shore, and then again on the next day. Not just 1 single quake but a series of it, with Tsunami. Besides there was deadly typhoon on 30.Sept.2009. Haze also hit SG. Only the heaven is in control of these, and for those who are able to read it, it is surely the omen.

Late JBJ's 1st anniversary is now also anniversary of huge quake and Tsunami, this is the will of the devine and without which there is no coincident possible in such a way.

Malaysia already saw it's Political Tsunami last year. So it will come to SGP's turn.

@ approx 1810hr yesterday, I was with Mr. Ng Teck Siong @ Hong Lim Park and we were preparing candles for JBJ's vigil, and it was at that time many areas of Singapore felt the quake. This was when the 7.6 scaled Sumatra quake sent tiny portion of it's energy over to SG.

I have accurate track record for reading heaven's signs and omen against political matters I knew from very begging stage about Bush's wars; Ah Bian; Malaysia Political Tsunami; Thug-Sin etc.

In no uncertain terms I can tell that famiLEE LEEgime's time is up, not just by a series of heaven's omens, but too many symptoms and clues had clearly told the same.

Omen is just one of the more exciting ways to put it across.

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