Friday, December 04, 2009

Arroyo is White Washing Political Massacre in NKF style

It is seem to be very easy for filthy politicians to play good guys after doing all the evils and wrongs, and launder their own images by delivering falsehood of justice and punishing some other bad guys who are indeed not as bad as these filthy politicians themselves.

famiLEE LEEgime had done the same many times, including the apparent CLEANING UP of NKF and RenCi scandals. Gloria Arroyo is now doing it for the Election Massacre of Maguindanao committed against election candidate; activists and reporters. I think the Chinese phrase 猫哭老鼠 can accurately describe these kind of hypocritical falsehoods. Meaning cats crying for mice.

It had been internationally accused against Gloria Arroyo for political murders against over 500 activists and reporters accumulated these years since the mass public movements attempting to oust her had been clamped down. The figure is over 500 already, way higher than the Maguindanao figure of 57, this is by a factor of 10 approximately.

In any case, Maguindanao Massacre is committed by her own political alliance. She is arresting charging none other then her own cronies to white wash her own image. She is staging a mass security force cleaning up right now, and putting publicity spot light on that. This is identical to the techniques used by famiLEE LEEgime during the NKF & RenCi charity corruption scandals.

I urge the public not to be fooled by these sort of hypocritical falsehoods and White Washings.

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