Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Appreciation To Romanian Government

I have learned via the Internet that The Romanian Government had began to react in the direction towards seeking justice for the case of Hit and Run Accident in Singapore involving fatality and injury with the Diplomatic Car belonging to Romanian Embassy in Singapore. I learn via Internet that investigation and procedure for justices had been taken during this week for this matter which the Singaporean law enforcement can do nothing much due to Diplomatic Immunity Convention.

As a Citizen and Blogger from Singapore, I read this as a very kind and righteous gesture from the Romanian Government, which will be highly appreciated by my fellow Singaporeans. I thank the Government of Romania for this move which is very helpful for enhancing the relations between Singaporean and Romanian people, especially in the mutual trust and respect in addition to friendship.

I urge Singaporeans to remember what the Romanian had done to uphold justice, and further we must remember to return the same good faith and spirit in future.

I urge the government of Singapore to treat our Singaporean diplomats deployed on foreign soil with the same high discipline as Romanian Government had exhibited, had our Singaporean diplomatic officials committed anything irresponsible in foreign nations, our government must uphold justice, and exhibit integrity as well as righteousness for the honor for Republic of Singapore.

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