Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Singaporeans Remembers Late Mr. JBJ tonight

It is printed on the Commemoration T-Shirts of my late friend Mr. JBJ that he was born on this day Jan 5th in 1926, and he deceased on 30.Sept.2008

This evening 4 days from New Year 2010 we held a candle light vigil at the Hong Lim Park Speakers Corner once more to remember our beloved great political leader and Member Of Parliament from Anson.

Coincidentally once again, another earthquake and Tsunami just happened as we remember late Mr. JBJ, the previous time it was on the first anniversary of his passing, while I was also remembering him at the same Speakers Corner Hong Lim Park.

Tonight I met several members and ex-candidates from Workers Party where late Mr. JBJ was Secretary General for a very long time. I saw Mr. Rizal, Mr. James Gomez, Mr. Goh Meng Seng who came from WP.

I spoke with Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam the son of JBJ, who is currently leading Reform Party after his late father. When I got home to post this blog I saw the news of Solomon Island quake and Tsunami which immediately struck my memory of Mr. JBJ's 1st anniversary on 20.Sept.2009 which the huge Indonesian Quake & Samoa Tsunami took place.

Is this not an omen again? I let the readers decide.

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