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Mata shot & kill peasant at close range an abuse of power


Please remember how the famiLEE LEEgime mata had frequently demonstrated during their shows @ e.g. Police Weeks of their HIGH SKILL of Judo, that they could easily throw aggressors carrying knifes to the ground and then bend-lock their arms to subdue them.

Wong Kan Seng's mata could demonstrate that they can Singly & with Bare Hands subdue aggressors so professionally during their propaganda shows.

Comparing with the reality, when they cowardly shot a man dead in his neck at close range, when at least 3 overly armed mata cornered that man at Outram MRT Station. They have batons made of steel and electric stunt guns that can put down a man from meters away.

But they had to use gun instead.
And they had to aim at the man's head (and missed and shot his neck instead).

And their Superintendent had to go and tell the court how their expensive high tech toy X-26 Taser guns purchased with millions of tax dollars are actually useless, in the hope to cover his own mata.

I like to point out that SSG Azli had OBVIOUSLY AIMED TO KILL at close range, because the shot wasn't on the leg nor lower body of the killed man Tan Bock Song. When aiming at such close range if he had aimed the gun at lower body or lower limbs of Tan, the shot will never land on Tan's neck.

No warning shot was fired.

NONE of the 3 LEEgime matas suffered any injuries, not even a single scratch before they pulled out their guns to had a peasant shot dead.

It does not 3 well trained matas to even draw batons to over-power a man with just a short knife, if they had necessary skill and courage. Wong Kan Seng should reward his men who demonstrated skill and courage and those who bravely got injured in the line of duty, but obviously there is just none or too few of these men within his World Class Home Team.

I remind the readers of other cases in Singapore, that clearly showed the incompetency and cowardliness of famiLEE LEEgime matas:

  1. Geylang Serai, a man took knife from coffeeshop to stand-off against 5 matas after coffeeshop called police that he made troubles and refusing to pay for meal. The man managed to grab a gun from one mata in the struggle and shot dead an innocent old man at the coffeeshop.
  2. Fook Hai Building North Bridge Road, a man killed a mata and seriously injured another, when he was stopped by mata. He was one failed to report to police station for urine test, and armed in preparation to commit crime. The injured mata shot the man, and also accidentally shot another innocent by-stander.

I had seen very efficient and high skilled police works in more than one other countries that their governments did not brag about being World Class Police. In California I had seen a solo policeman intercepted a car and singly conducted body search and hand-cuffed 3 men from that car. Guns were later found in that car. Not a single shot was fired.

There had never been any justice for persons killed by famiLEE LEEgime matas all these decades, and Abuse of Police Power had never been addressed properly.
Senior officer says policeman who shot Lim Bock Song acted appropriately
By Leong Wee Keat, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 11 January 2010 2331 hrs

SINGAPORE: When the shooting occurred almost two years ago, talk on the Internet and letters to the media centred on whether the police needed to kill Lim Bock Song.

In the inquiry of his death on Sunday, a senior police officer testified why Staff Sergeant Azli Othman, who shot Lim, had acted appropriately.

Superintendent Lu Yeow Lim testified that the X-26 taser gun, which Staff Sergeant Azli was carrying, was "not designed" for the particular incident.

First, in order for the stun gun to overwhelm a human's electrical sensory system, two probes fired from the gun must hit the target, explained Supt Lu, who is assistant director of operations for the police.

The possibility of a positive hit would be lower because these two probes must hit the target in order for an electric shock to be administered, he added.

Second, Supt Lu explained that the X-26 taser is a single shot device, which needed time to re-load after being fired. This is unlike the police officer's service revolver, which had five rounds, he said.

On 6 March, 2008, Lim was seen on CCTV footage charging at Staff Sgt Azli at Outram Park MRT station with an object. Staff Sgt Azli, 30, drew his service revolver, but Lim continued to advance towards him.

Staff Sgt Azli retreated backwards until he reached the glass panel of the platform, where he fired at the man. Lim collapsed and died of a gunshot wound to his chest.

Staff Sgt Azli and a colleague were searching for the suspect, who was earlier reported to have fatally stabbed a man, Tan Ah Chang, at the Jalan Kukoh hawker centre, off Chin Swee Road.

Several witnesses testified earlier during the inquiry that they saw Lim stab Mr Tan, 52.

The Coroner's Inquiry, which was presided by District Judge Victor Yeo, concluded Monday after a three-day hearing. He will give his findings Tuesday afternoon.

- CNA/yb

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