Friday, January 29, 2010

Tak Boleh Tahan trial verdict date fixed 8-Mar-2010

8th of March 2010 court 24 0930Hr.

Yesterday the defense cases was finally closed, as I was the final witness of the case.

The prosecution and defense will prepare final submissions (written) over Chinese New Year.

The case is so broken, starting right from the famiLEE LEEgime's imbecilic legislation of Parliament & Supreme Court Order (schedule description of area).

One of the defense lawyers at the very beginning of trial (around Aug 2008) discovered that the Parliament Lane no longer exist, I followed up by pointing out that LEFT BANK of Singapore River is similarly invalid. In Nov.2008 the famiLEE LEEgime corrected this 2 points in their own imbecilic legislation. The Parliament Lane was changed to Old Parliament Lane, Left Bank of Singapore River changed to EAST Bank of Singapore River.

I then pointed out last December (2009) that even after fixing their own Imbecilic Legislation, IT STILL REMAINED BROKEN, because even the Old Parliament Lane no longer reach East Bank of Singapore River.

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The new legislation made in Nov.2008 after the discovery is none other than a correction since the Intended Definition of Area is not new but identical with the old one.

This CORRECTION by the legislator is a clear acknowledgement of Error & Invalidity, and as it came from the legislator, it binds the judge to recognize this invalidity that the Gazetted Area which all the charges relied on is NULL & VOID as the text description of it is invalid. There is neither any Map nor Diagram nor Drawing nor Geographical Coordinates within the legislated schedule, nor there is any additional notes nor instructions regarding how to interpret it's text when the text is unclear. The text then had to be read in the same way as plain statutes.


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