Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brief message from prison

Unlce Yap managed to send out this brief message while incarcerated.

"I am keeping well. I have been drinking juice, tea and the beverage that the prsion serves. I have not eaten anything since I announced my hunger strike."

All the best, Uncle Yap.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Rights to Hunger-Strike

I aclaim my right to hunger-strike even in prison under Article 12 and Article15 of Republic of Singapore Constitution, that my fasting in political faith equals to my religion, to be treated equal with fasting by Muslim or Hindu faiths.

UncleYap Already Began Hunger-Strike

Commence at midnight right now, I begin my hunger-strike against corrupted Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime. This strike will last until I announce otherwise. My plans had been anounced on my blog months ago, basically unchanged.

The strike is not just against politically motivated 17 charges against 3 of us for speeches, it is a general protest against a big series of corrupted oppressions and cheatings in General Election 2006.

  • NationVote Buying via Progress Package distributing total of S$2.6 billion to voters just 5 days before polling day.
  • Series of stinking defamation suits against Singapore Democratic Party & The New Democrats publication.
  • Police Harrassments against Singapore Democratic Party election campaign and The New Democrats' sale.
  • Corrupt Practises Investigation Bureau refused to probe nationwide Vote Buying, upon my report.
  • Arresting of Workers' Party's candidate Mr. James Gormes.
  • Election Department refusing to accept cash deposit, in collusion to fabricate excuese to dismiss Election Judge's hearing of Vote Buying & Election Corruption.
  • 17 charges against Singapore Democratic Party election campaign accusing us of Speech Without License.
  • Pressing Stinking Bankruptcy Suits against Singapore Democratic Party, & Chee Siok Chin.
  • Cowardly bankrupting Dr Chee Soon Juan jsut before election aiming to prevent his campaigning during election.
  • Cowardly baned Internet Blogs and Podcasting During Election.
  • Cowardly trying to prevent police evidence video of election campaign from being accessed by public.
All the aboves are just to for covering up corrupted crimes and scandals of Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime, which had been exposed by Singapore Democratic Party; The New Democrats; the 3 walk-about and meet-the-people preambulators of Singapore Democratic Party including myself; and recorded within the police video recording which is now an evidence in court. Crimes and scandals such as:
  • NationVote Buying via Progress Package distributing total of S$2.6 billion to voters just 5 days before polling day.
  • National Kidney Foundation Scandals
  • Investing tax payer's money in Myanmar in close connection with drug criminal syndicate of Lo Shing Han family
  • Collusion with Thailand's corrupted Thaksin family
  • Profiteering via world's highest ministerial salaries
  • Maintaining a famiLEE feudal LEEgime which father's political power is succeeded by son in violation of Republic Constitution

My strike is to bring awareness and make political statement, and remind Singaporeans to fight against corrupt famiLEE LEEgime, to punish corrupted criminal particularly from the famiLEE. To remove shameful corrupt practises. To retain national pride and integrity for our children and future citizens. I will call off my hunger-strike at moment deem fit by myself.

Most of my hunger-strike is expected to take place within Queens Town Remand Prison.

Activists may gather and stage civil actions outside prison during our imprisonment such as candle lighting. Supporters are encorage to attend the court sentencing on 23.Nov.2006 at court 18 of Subordinate Court.

As SDP's web had been hacked today, Internet activist are asked to mirror and download then re-post the site, and remind internet community to observe alternate blogs such as:


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alternative Websites for SDP

I have setup blogger who is assisting SDP to have access to posting on this news blog of mine, for the backup purpose in case SDP's website got hacked while Mr Gandhi; Dr Chee & myself are in jail.

This web will be the alternative and temp announcement site of SDP in the event of such hacking. Dr Chee's blog will similarly be used as spare and temp announcement site for SDP via the same blogger . :-)

SDP website hacked at a crucial time

Tomorrow is the verdict day on which Mr Gandhi, Dr Chee and myself are expected to be sentenced and jailed. However just this morning, SDP supporters noticed that the party's websites all had been hacked into and home page alterated, and site's information blocked out. It had been retored. We are now back tracing the hacker.

Why the above coincedent?

Is it delibrate?

I suspect the hack will take place again, while we are in jail.

New Criminal Motion Hearing Today

I had been informed by High Court that my criminal motion will be heard at court 5D today 9:30am, at High Court. :-)

M Ravi's Attack May Not Be A Conspiracy

I met Mr. Ravi twice after his return from HongKong, his injuries are visible but not too bad. He is a Yoga instructor and I belive that he has self-healing ability. It became clearer to me that the nature of assult he suffered is more like a racist bully and personal matter than a conspiracy.

Those thugs who attacked Ravi came from a larger group Singaporeans looking like a big family with baggages. These thugs had resorted to violence from matters arrising from displeasure and misunderstanding on bus journey, which is between Ravi & that big group of Singaporean all as passengers in a bus ride in which children among other things caused tension.

However the thug's remarks had been very political beside racist, they had together punched Ravi about 50 times, after pushing Ravi's assistant violently aside. The 3 attacking thugs are belived to be brothers or cousins.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UncleYap's final reply to Prosecution




  1. Prosecution and court please take note that the trail had multiple irregularities and defense had raised them to high court, in view of that, the defense had been seriously compromised and had suffered unfairness in the trial.

  2. Prosecution witnesses had been giving inconsistent testimonies against each other, regarding the time of FIR and time of report relaying to Ang Mo Kio HQ, to time of arrival at scene. This indicated that the police / enforcement officials had been concealing political motivation behind the charge.

  3. The identity of informant Mr. Peter is unestablished. There station records of the FIR call as well as the relay of report from NPP in Yishun to Ang Mo Kio HQ are non-existent. These are increasable details, also indicating of concealment of political motivation behind the charge.

  4. The prosecution had wanted initially to use video evidence then changed their mind, then changed again, this indicated that the other political motive to conceal the video from the public and media during the trial. The constant resistant to give the defense a copy of video indicated the same.

  5. The prosecution reacted strongly to the video evidence exposed to Internet confirmed that, the number of political motives are aligned. That sensitive political scandals and crimes exposed by accused is the cause of entire series of oppressions, unjust charges and defamation suits taken by Lee Kuan Yew family regime against opposition during the General Election 2006.

  6. The matter involves General Election Walk-about & Meeting-the-people by contesting political party, within their contesting Sembawang GRC, during the election period. All the party's candidates were at the scene, wearing the same uniform as the accused, conducting the same Walk-about & Meeting-the-people together with the accused, selling the same The New Democrat party publication with the accused. The Republic Of Singapore Constitution and the Parliamentary Election Acts are to assure that election activities are given the necessary high liberty and protection from harassments as well as oppressive bullies, such as selective prosecution like this charge.

  7. Exhibits P10 and P11 shows in the video clearly that the candidates and election helpers of Singapore Democratic Party totaling above 10 persons are present at the scene conducting the same General Election Walk-About and sale of party publications with the 3 accused.

  8. Accused Dr Chee Soon Juan is Singapore Democratic Party Secretary General, Mr. Gandhi Ambalam is Singapore Democratic Party senior member and GE2006 agent under Parliamentary Election Act. Yap Keng Ho is party supporter and GE2006 Election Agent under Parliamentary Election Act. All 3 accused are taking part in Walk-about & Meeting-the-people at the scene which is a market under Sembawang GRC contested by Singapore Democratic Party. All other political parties contesting in GE2006 were conducting Walk-about & Meeting-the-people in their respective constituencies of contest. The 3 accused had only been prosecuted selectively, due to the sensitive political scandals and crimes such as Corrupted Vote Buying exposed by the accused against Lee Kuan Yew family regime which totally and corruptly control Republic of Singapore in the past 40 years, using methods such as this selective prosecution, abusive defamation suits, bankruptcy and disqualification from election and unfair trials such as Privy Council had over-turned the judgment made against Mr. Jeyaretnam.

  9. The cases submitted by prosecution are similar cases suffered by Mr. Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan, which they suffered injustice and had been only prevented from appealing to Privy Council outside the control of Lee Kuan Yew family regime.

  10. In the video evidence recorded in P10 and P11, shows huge tent and furnitures used by Lee Kuan Yew family regime's People Action Party, using at the same location to conduct election related speeches and meet-the-people functions. They had not been prosecuted about their activities which the are similar with what the accused had been charged for. Showing clearly again the selective prosecution exist.

  11. Prosecution's closing submissions in table form on page 2, showed that the prosecution rely on only 2 segments of alleged speeches of Yap Keng Ho. However, in the entire activity as shown in exhibit P10 and P11, there are speakings of Yap Keng Ho via the same microphone at the same place, which the prosecution are not relying on to press the charge. Such as segment time marked 11:05:20 to 11:06:56 visible and audible in exhibit P11 and transcript exhibit part 2. The prosecution does not regard the speaking by Yap Keng Ho in that segment as illegal as compared to segments time marked 10:05:10 to 10:12:56 and 10:39:24 to 10:51:54. The same person speaking through the same microphone at the same place to the same Sembawang GRC voters, apart only by 15 minutes, but viewed differently by the prosecution. However only the content of the segment time marked 11:05:20 to 11:06:56 does not involve any exposure of Lee Kuan Yew family regime. That clearly showed that political motivation behind the charge. That clearly show the selective nature to this prosecution. That also clearly show that the Lee Kuan Yew family regime is interested only covering up their own crimes and scandals via their oppressive defamation suits and charges against the accused in this trial

  12. The 2 cases submitted by prosecution of Mr. Jeyaretnam & Dr Chee Soon Juan, did not happen General Election period. They were not acting in the capacity of Election Agent under Parliamentary Election Act, and charges did not happen in any contesting electoral constituency. I must highlight the nature of activity involved with this trial is entirely within the General Election period, and most of the accused person were legally appointed agents of Sembawang GRC, under Parliamentary Election Act.

  13. The prosecution had not only tried very hard to conceal the video evidence from public and Internet, they had not been able to clear the doubts against the integrity of the video, which had gradually became doubtful in the process of the trial. I had initially had full confidence with the video evidence, and had applied to the court to admit this evidence, as the trial progressed, and as the CID technician gave unreliable testimony in the court regarding how he is unsure about his duplication of the evidence, and how ignorant he is about the reason video had arise with questionable defects, and Mr. Gandhi had suspected doctoring of the evidence. I had ended up with little confidence with the video's integrity. With clearly exhibited political motive of Lee Kuan Yew regime to conceal their own crimes and scandals, it is at great risk that video evidence could be indeed doctored.

  14. In connection with point #11 above, the police at scene as shown by exhibit P10 and P11, had not interfere with nor acted against the speaking of Yap Keng Ho time marked 11:05:20 to 11:06:56. However, SSGT Quek did so against the speaking of Yap Keng Ho at previous segments time marked 10:05:10 to 10:12:56 and 10:39:24 to 10:51:54. This is an indication that the selective law enforcement is identically aligned with this selective prosecution, targeting against exposure of Lee Kuan Yew family regime crimes and scandals.

  15. Defense will like to the witness PW12 ASP Sim from regulatory authority of Public Entertainment License to testify weather President George W Bush (USA) who gave a public speech at the NUS during the middle of this trial on Thursday 16.Nov.2006, holds had been issued with Public Entertainment License and weather he holds the necessary Professional Visit Pass as a non-Singaporean speaker under the Public Entertainment and Meetings Act. Bush's speech involved ethnic & war related subjects concerning Iraq & Korea, which is in violation against Public Entertainment and Meetings Act, and Bush is not entitled to exemption under the act because he is not Singapore citizen.

  16. The Rep Of Singapore Constitution and relevant acts should be applied to protect liberty of political speakers especially during election period, to allow unhampered free speech, exposure of political scandals, without being harassed by police and selective prosecutions. Exposing corruption crimes such as buying voters' votes via nationwide Progress Package, distributed just only 5 days before polling day, are not to be prevented by police nor court. Whistler Blowers and persons reporting the crimes are should be protected by the law instead of being punished by the law.

  17. The corruption crime of vote buying by Lee Kuan Yew family regime had been taken before the Election Judge under Parliamentary Election Act by Singapore Democratic Party candidate Chee Siok Chin, and had been unjustly dismissed due to technicality of S$5000 deposit. But this crime is already known worldwide by now. In exhibit P11, Yap Keng Ho (time marked 10:44:45; 10:47:20; 10:47:30; 10:50:39 for exmaple) & Dr Chee Soon Juan (time marked for 10:18:00 to10:21:45 example) had repeatedly expose this crime, and appealing to the voters not to collude with this crime by selling their votes to Lee Kuan Yew family regime. Such actions should be protected by the law instead of being prosecuted.

  18. Dozens of transcription errors still exist in transcript exhibits of the prosecution. I would like the court to take note that at time mark 10:50:39 the transcript error is serious that, “Don't buy his illegal, don't buy his corruption” Should actually read “Vote Buying is illegal, Vote Buying is Corruption”, this are transcription errors that seems to be trying to cover up the exposed corruption crimes.

  19. Yap Keng Ho exposed the Myanmar drug syndicate investment scandal in which Lee Kuan Yew family regime had invested state fund into Myanmar with criminal syndicate, in the 2nd segment of speaking mentioned in prosecution's submission time marked 10:39:24 to 10:51:54, in this period between the time marks, Yap Keng Ho seen in the video was merely reading out an article from The New Democrats publications of Singapore Democratic Party, which he is selling to the voters and introducing the contents of the publication. Due to the exposure of Lee Kuan Yew family regime's close connection with drug criminal syndicate, it had politically motivated such selective prosecution by this charge. The law should protect citizens who exposed covered up crimes, and be not punishing them.

  20. It is clearly shown by exhibit P10 and P11, that the media and reporters were covering the event of Singapore Democratic Party Walk-About and Meet-The-People at the impending election. Man in white shirt at scene time marked 11:02:42 is reporter, and woman with long lens camera at scene time marked 11:03:54 is a media photographer, both of them had covered the Singapore Democratic Party election campaign extensively throughout the election, and both of them had spent entire morning on 22.April.06 at the scene, and evidence video show that they interviewed and photographed the event at scene. This showed that the event is an opened public activity of General Election 2006. Only that the crimes and scandals of Lee Kuan Yew family regime had been prominently exposed, had the accused been selectively prosecuted.

  21. In almost every other General Elections in the past decades, the Lee Kuan Yew family regime had filed defamation suits or criminal charges against opposition abusively and unfairly, this charge is just another example. Lee Hsien Loong the son of Lee Kuan Yew had openly said during the GE2006, that he would FIX THE OPPOSITION AFTER ELECTION, and this charge is definitely a part of his politically motivated plan of oppression. This charge should be dismissed on the grounds made to this court by the defense.

Mr M Ravi Returned To Singapore

I can confirm that Mr.Ravi had already safely returned to Singapore. He had received help in HongKong after his assult, and no futher harm had been inflicted on him after the assult on last Saturday. I appreciate all the helps and supports randered to this lawyer who had sacrified and contributed so much to Singapore.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ravi Returning to SG

Monday midnight flight.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friends & Supporters helping M Ravi in HongKong

I had managed to spread out the words and contacts established for Mr. Ravi, HK lawyer legislator Albert Ho who had been attacked not too long ago is now ironically helping Mr. Ravi. Others had been able to contact HongKong's Fa Lun Gong members to provide medical care to Mr Ravi.

Because it is the weekend and some main contact persons in Singapore & HK were traveling away, it was a bit inconvinent for me to get help to reach Mr. Ravi in shortest time.

As form of first aid, I told Mr. Ravi's assistant to apply ice wrapped towel to his wounds, during the very initial hours.

According to information received later last night, 3 thugs were traveling on the same airport shuttle bus with Mr. Ravi and
assistant, and had been finding racial fault with Ravi on the journey to HK International Airport. Reaching the airport the 3 thugs attacked only Ravi but not the Singaporean Chinese assistant traveling with Ravi.

Various reporters from Singapore had contacted me last night via telephone & email for this matter.

I am hoping that HongKong police will be able to arrest Mr.Ravi's attackers for investigation. NGOs and activists will inform the international human rights and justice network regarding the attack suffered by our disinguished human rights lawyer Ravi.

Mr Ravi's assistant who is currently with him in HongKong

Mr Ravi's assistant who is currently with him in HongKong (Young Man facing camera).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Human Rights Lawyer M Ravi Assulted in HongKong

Time now is 1855Hr. Saturday 18.Nov.2006

I just received call from HongKong ChakLapKok Airport that Singaporean Human Rights Lawyer M Ravi had been assulted by 3 Chinese Singaporeans at the airport. The assiliants are recognizable as about 40 years age, name of one person is known.

M Ravi is injured with bruises, and he had been given threats to have Lee Kuan Yew government finishing him of when he returned to Singapore.

According to Ravi, his attackers are racist against Indians, and that also being the basis of the attack.

Another Chinese Singaporean traveling with Ravi had not been assulted. The assult just happened 15 mins ago.

Police at HongKong airport had been reported to, and I will report to Singaporean Police and Changi Airport. Updates will follow.

M Ravi was acting in my defence against charges under Public Entertainment & Meeting Act, on the 3rd day of my trial he got suspended from bar by The Court of Appeal. My trial began on 25.Oct.06.

Msg in Sammyboymod Forum

Friday, November 17, 2006

UncleYap filed Defense Summery & new Criminal Motion

The followings are Defense Summery & Affidavit for Defense.
Following below are new Criminal Motion & Affidavit for new Criminal Motion.




  1. This is a politically motivated charge by the Lee Kuan Yew family regime.

  2. Similar charge had been brought on Dr Chee Soon Juan, 2nd co-defendant of this case as well as Mr Gandhi Ambalam, 1st co-defendant of this case to convict and disqualify them both from taking part in the General Elections.

  3. This is an event during the General Election Period, and the said activities are part of Singapore Democratic Party's Walk-About in their contesting Sembawang GRC, as well as Meeting The People Session. Similar activities are conducted by all other political parties on that very same day. More than 10 members and Election Candidates of Singapore Democratic Party were together with the 3 accused conducting the same activity, except that the 3 accused were playing their roles as the events' perambulators.

  4. This is a case of Selective Prosecution in violation of Rep of Singapore Constitution Article 12, in that no other political parties' Walk-About or Meeting The People Session were charged.

  5. This is a case of Selective Prosecution in violation of Rep of Singapore Constitution Article 12, in that the activity conducted by the 3 accused were essentially sales of Singapore Democratic Party's publications in streets sales manner identical to many street hawkers in their daily business selling all sort of household products, and that these hawkers are never charged under this act.

  6. Such selective prosecutions had been done for the reason that the both Singapore Democratic Party's election campaign for general election 2006, as well as the party's publication The New Democrats had been exposing and highlighting very sensitive political scandals and crimes committed by Lee Kuan Yew family regime.

  7. Such selective prosecutions and the huge series of defamation suits were all brought in by Lee Kuan Yew family regime, in the aim of preventing and silencing the propagation of sensitive scandals.

  8. Such selective prosecutions had been brought by Lee Kuan Yew family regime, to prevent the highlighting of a serious election corruption crime, namely vote-buying via the Progress Package distributed nation-wide just only 5 days before the polling. This prosecution has the intention of covering up serious corruption crime, which had been exposed by Singapore Democratic Party's election campaign.

  9. The 3 accused have no intention to compromise any public interest by conducting speeches, or hold any activity that is against the rights or interest of the state or public, and whatever is done is all for the interest of state and public, as a part of the lawful activities of General Election 2006 under the Parliamentary Election Act.

  10. The License Regulatory Authorities of Lee Kuan Yew family regime had been clearly instructed by the regime not to issue any license, especially to strong opposition parties which exposed and highlighted sensitive political scandals as well as corruption crimes of the regime.

  11. The scandals and crimes exposed by accused were recorded by police in video as case exhibit P10 & P11, these serious scandals includes:

  • Nation-wide General Election Vote Buying via Progress Package

  • National Kidney Foundation Scandal

  • State fund investment in Myanmar in connection with drug syndicate's money

  • Drug & corruption money laundry

  • Billion dollar deals with corrupted Thai regime of Thaksin Shinawatr

  1. The accused had repeatedly and clearly expressed willingness to cooperate with police during the whole election period. Police had be repeatedly and persistently asked to provide the accused with guidelines that Singapore Democratic Party's campaign can be ran within the law. Police had been made known very clearly that the accused Yap Keng Ho who is an appointed Election Agent under Parliamentary Election Act have no intention to break any law.

  2. However, the police consistently failed to provide any of such guidelines relevant to the laws regulating these campaign Walk-About & Meet The People activities. The law enforcement had been over the entire campaign refused to provide any guidelines, only kept warning the accused to stop the election campaign activities, while filming these activities on video.

  3. The 3 accused had not caused any public disorder; nuisance; pollutions; obstruction of traffic, and had repeatedly told the law enforcement officers that we are willing to comply anything guideline if the law enforcement could just provide. Police did not asked for the activity to be moved or shifted or modified in any way, except that the campaign event's perambulators is required to have license, which the regulatory authority had been instructed by minister of Lee Kuan Yew regime to issue none.

  4. The evidence videos exhibit P10 & P11 clearly shown that the accused only perambulated the presence of the Singapore Democratic Party, the sales activities of Party Publications , and the contents of the publications highlighting the crimes and scandals published within the publications, for durations less than 15 minutes each time. At the scene which is a market area, there were many hawkers using loudspeakers to promote their own sales and their sales talking activities will last for entire day. Their activities were deemed as legal by the dozen of law enforcement officers at scene, who had testified against the accused in court.

  5. Therefore it is clear that only activities which exposes the Lee Kuan Yew family regime's crimes and scandals had been harassed and filmed by the regime's police, and selectively prosecuted in court in the hope of covering up the regime's crimes and scandals.

  6. Vote Buying is a serious crime in clear violation of Parliamentary Election Act, Criminal Law as well as Corruption Act (Cap.65A), accused persons are exposing and reporting crimes to voters as a part of election campaign, while the criminal Lee Kuan Yew family regime had been trying to stop the accused from doing so.

  7. The contents of exhibit P10 & P11 clearly showing accused persons mentioning these crimes and scandals, therefore the evidence P10 & P11 themselves are so sensitive to the Lee Kuan Yew family regime, that they had to change their mind 3 times in using them as case evidence for the charges against the 3 accused.

  8. For the same reason, they spear no effort to prevent these evidence videos from getting to the public, first by not giving any copies to the accused, and then withdrawing the use of this evidence, then readmit the evidence after being forced by the defense, and then apply order of court to prevent the video from reaching the public, and then applying order of court to have them removed from the accused's Internet blog.

  9. All these showed clearly that the corrupted Lee Kuan Yew family regime is fearful of their crimes exposed and the citizens and voters come to awareness of these crimes and scandals, especially before the polling day. And even during the trial of this charge under Public Entertainment Act, they are still doing the best they can to conceal the crimes and scandals.

  10. The selective prosecution done against the 3 accused are in violation of Rep of Singapore Constitution Article 12, in that accused are to be treated equally and fairly before law, that other political parties and street hawkers were not made to face the public entertainment act for activities identical to what the accused was doing.

  11. The political expression as well as exposure of crimes and scandals had been prevented by Lee Kuan Yew regime by abusively applying Public Entertainment Act against the 3 accused is also in violation of Rep of Singapore Constitution Article 14 against the accused's rights of free speech.

  12. This politically motivated charge is a repeat persecution aimed at disqualifying the political opponents against Lee Kuan Yew family regime in future elections, which the other 2 co-accused Dr. Chee & Mr. Gandhi had been convicted under the same act to be disqualified to contest against Lee Kuan Yew family regime in several past elections. This charge is abusively applied with political motivations, and should had been dismissed by court.

  13. The 3 accused are not guilty, but together they face the Public Entertainment Act abused corruptively by the Lee Kuan Yew family regime, in similar way the regime had abuse defamation suits for political and criminal motives such as covering up their own crimes and scandals. Yap Keng Ho is not afraid to confront the corrupted regime in any front, to state resolve, Yap Keng Ho ask for the maximum sentence under this act, and fine will not be paid, and Yap Keng Ho is prepared to take hunger-strike in prison, to protest against corrupted & incompetent regime & election fraud via Progress Package as well as all the cowardly oppressions, not limited to the sufferings by Singapore Democratic Party.


Yap Keng Ho


  1. This affidavit is made in respect to the hearings at the Subordinate Court 18 between 25 October 2006 and 10 November 2006.

  2. I am aware of a ministerial press statement clearly stating that no Licence or permit would be issued under Public Entertainment Act for any outdoor civil campaign such as marching; demonstration; speech or rally, save the regular election rallies, as a policy of this government. Thus applications by political oppositions and civil activists would not be granted any licence whenever applications were made.

  3. In the past 20 years I am not aware of any member of any opposition party having been granted any such license beyond the very short election period which is only once in every 5 years. No license was ever granted to go on a walkabout or meet the people session by the members of any oppositions party.

  4. I had in numerous applications made between 2004 to 2006, applied to the Police who were the regulatory authorities for various licenses and permit to hold outdoor public activities. All of my applications had been turned down, and mostly without providing any reasons.

  5. My role in the General Elections 2006 was Election Agent under the Parliamentary Election Act, in Sembawang GRC.

  6. I had repeatedly asked various law enforcement officers to provide guidelines under which I can conduct election campaign activities within the law, including sales of Singapore Democratic Party publications and Walk About and Meeting The People activities, I expressed willingness to cooperate with police, during entire election campaign period of 2006. However police failed consistently to provide any such guidelines.



TAKE NOTICE that the Court will be moved on the day of

2006 at am/pm on an application on the part of the Applicant for the following

  1. Article 9 of constitution had been serious violated in that applicant's hearing had been unduly restrained physically and legally and tortured mentally, in the trial held on 7th Nov 2006.

  2. The principal of natural justice had been grossly and encroached upon by the undue interference by the trial judge in favor.

  3. The adversarial system guarantied under the constitution had not been complied with and the trial judge has misdirected himself on the criminal process of the trial.

  4. The trial process in the court below had threatened all the basic guarantees enshrined for the accused under the constitution article 9 & 12 & 14.

  5. The trial process adopted by the court below violate all the basic norm of international customary law provided by UN under UDHR.

  6. The applicant to be granted a re-trail on the ground of mistrial.

  7. The elected president of Singapore be directed to convince a constitutional court under article 100 of constitution to seek an advisory opinion of the constitutional court of 3 judges in the event that this court does not apply it's mind and powers on the determination of 1 & 5 above. As the all accused in Singapore who are tried politically suffer a state of emergency calling for UN intervention.

The grounds of this application will be set out in the affidavit of the Applicants to be filed herein.


  1. This affidavit is made with reference to Notes of Evidence of the hearings at Subordinate Court 18 between 25 October 2006 and 10 November 2006.

  2. During the cross examination of the prosecution witnesses, the trial judge had ruled dozens of times that the defence's questions to the witnesses as irrelevant, while these questions were leading towards the following angles:

  • The charges are selective prosecution in violation of Article 12 of the Republic of Singapore Constitution

  • The charges are full of political motives, specifically targeting Singapore Democratic Party's election campaign

  • The accused had repeatedly asked the police officers to provide guidelines under which their election campaign activities could be conducted without infringing any law

  • The witnesses being police officers at the scene witnessed other similar activities in which the other persons involved in these activities were not being made to face charges under the public entertainment act. The accused had not been treated equally under Article 12 of he Republic of Singapore Constitution

  1. There were a consecutive series of such ruling by the trial judge in court 18, during the cross examination by Dr. Chee Soon Juan & Yap Keng Ho during the joint trial in which both the accused face the same charge. This prevented the defense from proceeding with any further cross examination and this had seriously compromise of the accused person's defense at the trial.

  2. Yap Keng Ho was nearly totally without a legal council, since his council Mr M Ravi got suspended from the bar at the very beginning of the trial.

1st Mr Gandhi then Mr Guna? Why not Mr Nathan?

At time mark 10:33:00 - SSgt Kenny Quek Kah Jun: Hello Mr Gandhi!

Yes my name is Gandhi you smart cop!

watch video:


Yes Mr Smart Cop, you are right he is Mr. Gandhi! You seems to be very well informed!

BUT watch this 23 mins afterwards:

No my name is Gandhi, not Guna you dumb cop!

At time mark 10:56:00 - SSgt Kenny Quek Kah Jun: Hello Mr Guna!

Watch this on video:

What? Why had Mr. Gandhi became Mr. Guna now?

SDP in the era of Mr. Chiam did had a candidate named Guna, but he is no longer with SDP now. In court as witness, SSgt Kenny Quek testified that he DOES NOT know anyone by name of Mr. Guna. But when UncleYap cross-examined then why would he called Mr. Gandhi wrongly as Mr. Guna 23 mins after he 1st address him correctly as Mr. Gandhi, SSgt Quek could not reply.

Since he testified that he does not know anyone by that name, and Mr. Gandhi didn't show him any flase NRIC nor wear a name tag by Mr. Guna, why had SSgt Quek called Gandhi wrongly by Mr. Guna which is the name of one ex-SDP canidate? Coincedental? Or it is a leak of something? WHY DID YOU NOT CALLED HIM MR. NATHAN? I asked SSgt Quek? But judge ruled against this question as irrelevant! How did SSgt Quek had plugged that name of an ex-SDP candidate out from thin air suddently?

Mr. Gandhi insisted in court that the sequence of this video had been switched, because in his own memory, SSgt Quek 1st wrongly addressed him as Mr. Guna, and he corrected him, latter, when they spoked again, SSgt Quek correctly addessed him as Mr. Gandhi. Thus according to Mr. Gandhi, the police given version of video is doctored, which sequence of events switched.

I belive Mr. Gandhi would have a clearer memory than myself of what happened on that interesting day, because I would have remembered it more clearly if mata came and wrongly addressed me as Mr. Goh Chok Tong or Deng Xiao Ping! :-) And it would be very strange if a police can first know Mr. Gandhi's name without even looking at his NRIC or ID, and than after 23 mins, start to misidentify the same subject as Mr. Guna. There is no Mr. Guna at the scene that day, on 22.April.06

A pic of SSgt Quek Kah Jun at scene, he is the same mata who said in court that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOVT & THE PAP!

We belive that police witnesses are not giving their truthful testimonies in court and there as lots of things they are trying to hide. Such as the myterious caller who supposedly had called police - the unidentifiable Mr Peter. We have information that the PAP had called police, and had wrongly instructed the police about the identity of Mr. Gandhi as Mr. Guna! We are informed because the SDP also have well informed supporters who know what happened around Chong Pang Market that day. :-)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mr Tang Liang Hong called from Melborne to support

Thank You All For Supports!

I would like to mention here that Mr. Tang Liang Hong - previously WP candidate with Mr JBJ at battle of ChengSan, called over the weekend to give his legal support and moral support.


According to Mr. Tang who is a senior lawyer, he came to know about our matters via news and Internet. He shared with me experience fighting with famiLEE LEEgime in courts, and elsewhere. He revealed that he went to HongKong to protest against LKy when LKy was there to receive some kind of crappy awards. On his way back to Australia, he was tailed by LKy's dogs who attempted to poison him in the flight. On seperated incident, dogs try to burn down his house in Australia and then in the end his car instead was burnt.

Mr. Tang is currently in Melborne Australia, the previous time I got calls from him was during GE2006. He still have his hearts and thoughts for Singapore. I asked him to come back to Singapore one days and settle all the scores with old dog thief LKy. I call it a General Audit for the famiLEE LEEgime.

I am very happy to have spoken with Mr. Tang again, and we both speak Mandrain. Some day I should go pay him a visit in Australia. :-)

UncleYap will compose Manifesto in prison

Hunger-strike is one thing I will do in prison, but beside that I will actually be doing crucial mind works to compose my Manifesto for Reform against famiLEE LEEgime in prison.

Prison can only restrain me in a space but it gives me time ralatively alone.

It is said that a full stomach makes a person's mind more stupid and while a hungry stomach makes one smarter, thus I think the best time to compose the essentials of Manifesto for Reform is while I am on hunger-strike in prison.


I made this still empty new blog today for posting my manifesto after my imprisonment.

URL to Discussion Thread here.

Sentencing Day = 23.Nov.2006 - Judge

On Friday 10.Nov.06 I our trial went on Fast Forward mode as our boycott skipped most of the process. This I belive had saved tax payers money as the expense of Justice. :-)

Defense skipped cross-examinations of many witnesses, since the judge had in dozens of times ruled that our questions are IRRELEVANT. We think these are the most relevant questions. I will take up criminal motion against these rulings in high court.

Procecutor DPP Lee rested her case on Friday, 10th. Judge Tham directed us to enter defence.

We also decided to skip taking the witness stand, I told the judge I will enter writtern submission, and enter no defense. In court I clearly and briefly stated as follows:

  • This is nothing other than a part of LKy famiLEE LEEgime's silencing of our highlighting on their political scandals & crimes
  • LKy famiLEE LEEgime sued the entire SDP and CEC; sent matas to harrass our election activities; charged us of speeches; filmed us; framed us; refused to give video evidence; gave screwed up video evidence; try to prevent it from posted to Internet; try to clean-up their questionable video.. all that is to only prevent their scandals from reaching the world, scandals which we are speaking about and published in SDP's The New Democrats publication.
  • This is a series politically motivated charges.
  • We are up-holding public interest by exposing LKy famiLEE LEEgime's crimes and scandals we are doing so with respect of public interest, and tried our very best to do it within the laws.
  • However the law had been corruptedly abused to prevent our cause of justice.
  • Regulatory authorities will never issue us with any license for these speeches concerning the LKy famiLEE LEEgime's crimes and scandals.
  • Police proved themselves in court that they will not give any guideline for us to give speeches and sell The New Democrats within the laws, they only will film us and warn us to stop.
  • We will not stop, and we are not afraid to face charges.
  • I asked the judge for MAX sentence even before he ruled that I need to enter a defence for the charges, I told judge that I will not pay any single cent of fine under this law, and I am fully prepared to hunger strike in prison. I asked for MAXIMUM SENTENCE to state my resolve.
  • I will appeal to higher court, not for purpose of avoiding sentence or reducing it, I appeal against unfair trail and seek to set judiciary straight for Singapore.
Judge Tham directed that writtern submissions to be filed by all parties before 16.Nov.06, replies before 20.Nov.06 and the finalized hearing is to be on 23.Nov.06, 9:30am court 18 of sub-courts. I asked him is that also the sentencing day, he replied yes if convicted.


I am prepared to go to jail, I will appeal after serving prison & hunger strike, I will appeal even if he aquited me. I will even appeal if he sentence me to prison term too short for hunger strike.

Like I said on my other blogs, I might even refuse to leave prison and camp outside when they kicked me out. The entire fight against famiLEE LEEgime is against their corrupted and incompetence rule, non-transparancy and non-accountability, injustice and oppression. They are unfit to rule and yet will at all cost want to rule corruptedly and stay in power.

The Republic of Singapore belongs to the citizens, not PAp party, not LKy famiLEE. We have to take this country back from the famiLEE's hands, we have to do so ASAP because they are ruining our country.

URL to Discussion Thread here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why the CID CSI witness's testimony holds no water

I am refering to this blog posting.

The CID SGT Kevin Yuen testified on 7.Nov.2006 about how he had done the video duplications from 2 original police DV tapes to a set of DVDR & then from that set of DVDR duplicated another 3 sets of DVDR, plus another additional set seperatedly as requested by Investigating Officer. He detailed how he pluged wires wrongly and inserted DVDR(om) and press buttons, and how things all went wrong with the process.

But not only he could not explain why we see all these problems in his DVDs, his testimony is full of errors, as well as holds no water as to how a process as described in detail by him in over an hour can produce questionable DVDs like the entire hearing had seen.

In the 3 failed attemps, he clearly described that he played the DV tape for 40mins, 20mins, and 3mins, but NONE of his testimony ever said that he stopped or played for 13mins or anywhere near this number.

That is why this image from 13 mins into the video (video began at 10:01) could have gotton anywhere as a still frame for it to be captured into his DVD recorder. Because he said he stopped at 40mins & 20mins & 3mins, and he rewinded the DV tape. How can a frame from 13min then be available from any where to be even accidentally captured on the DVD recorder.

In addition, the witness said that his wrong connection of wiring was the problem for few failed attempts, and later, his collegues helped by doing DIRECT cable connection between DV player & DVD recorder, instead of cabling via junction box or switcher system before the successful recording had became possible, therefore in this case, the chance of any alien source of image is eliminated by the DIRECT CABLE connections.

The most unbelivable thing in this matter is that a TECHNICIAN that used such crude method full of errors and screw-ups can be in a CID department that supports investigating officers from other mata divisions all over Singapore to do technical things like duplicating evidence video. To make things worst, this CID department is the technical Feransic department, which is known as TECHNOLOGY CRIME unit. How can these clowns ever solve any technology crime if their Technology Feransic Technicians can duplicate video until so screw up?

I can not belive that.....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

These mata Videos Are MURDER WEAPONS?

I promised the judge who would be sending me to jail that I would state on this blog that I am posting evidence video here to seek witness to assist my own defence. :-) So witnesses of Chong Pang Village, if these video reminded your memory of SDP's GE2006 activites on SATURDAY 22.April.2006 at Chong Pang Market, pse come forward to testify in court. :-)

The famiLEE LEEgime had so far wanted tried their best to prevent the world from seeing the contents of these videos, which highlighted a collection of the worst scandals of famiLEE LEEgime, including NKF; Vote-Buying; Drug-Money Investment; Money Laundry; Thaksin; Minister Salaries etc.

famiLEE LEEgime is doing so, by deny all our applications of public speech license except for election rallies, they sent matas to film us, and harrassed us many dozens of times when we go meet the people and exposed their scandals by speech and by selling SDP The New Democrats publishing these scandals. They sued SDP, also trying to prevent this publications from spreading. They took us to court for speeches also for the same reason. Then in this trial, they changed their mind about using these videos as evidence, trying very hard not to give us a copy of these videos, and then try to threaten me to remove them from my blog here. All that, are consistant series of actions trying to prevent scandals from spreading out by us.

In the court hearing the government prosecutor compared this video using the example of a MURDER WEAPON, to argue that is why it can not be duplicated to be given to defense for fair preparation of trial.

I told DPP Lee in court that, yes indeed, these videos will kill famiLEE LEEgime like a MURDER WEAPON :-)

Video from evidence P10 - tape 1
most speeches; conversation with mata; file size=158MB; broadband download=5-20min; playback=1Hr

Video from evidence P11 - tape 2 some speeches; conversation with mata; file size=55MB; broadband download=2-10min playback=40min

Video filmed by Scene Of Crime Officer Goh Wee Siong of Ang Mo Kio mata division on 22.Apr.2006 when his rank was CPL then. Few month after filming this his rank had been promoted to SGT.

Matas Filming at ChongPangVillage That holding video camera is CPL Goh Wee Siong, and next to him in blue shirt is an Assistant Superintendent of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, this shot of them both were taken by SDP on same day 22.April.2006 when they were filming us. The videos posted here in his post are all taken by Goh Wee Siong who is now a SGT.

These are the YouTube URLs of the same videos:

Segment 1:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Segment 2:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Shocking famiLEE LEEgime CSI

After the court ruled about 2 to 3 DOZEN times yesterday that the defense's cross examination of witness were IRRELEVENT questions, today the court spent over an hour hearing a bunch of useless craps which does nothing except providing details of sad and shocking police incompetence. Which does not help justice in this hearing at all. And the same judge let this went on and on and be led around by the DPP & incapable technical expert of CID to be confused and wasted time. This is however NOT irrelevant?

This whole thing took place in court during our boycott, and we did not take part in any cross-examination of witness.

This famiLEE LEEgime CSI is SGT Kevin Yuean Koon Wai working in the CID.

He is attached to the TECHNOLOGY CRIME unit of Crime Feransic Dept of CID, he is a Technically Trained and Qualified mata. He became a witness today because he is the person who duplicated these DVDs which cause questions & doubts raised.

In his long but useless testimony over an hour, which's purpose was supposed to help the hearing find out why there are these discovered suspicious discrapancies in the DVDs given to us. But after much time wasted, in the end of his testimony, his answer is HE HAVE NO IDEA!

However, the prosecution which is expected to know this shocking answer before leading this witness and the entire hearing to one big fruitless round around the bush, just went on and on to waste as much time as possible. Why?

Because DPP Lee needs to BUY TIME! Why? Because her dept in AGC was panic chasing for Foreign Video Experts to help clean up the doubtful video evidence! This is explained here.

Our boycott and not cross-examinating the few witnesses today, did help the DPP to buy time. So at the middle of the afternoon, she ran out of witnesses to Wayang further, and she isn't ready to proceed any where further, so she finally came out with the truth and applied for court to give her some time, to sort out her FT Video Expert problems!


The funny thing is not that. It is the CID Feransic Expert's testimony:

I think CID's Technology Crime unit had never heard of Firewire or IEEE1394. Because they used analog composite video connections to duplicate DV (digital video) tapes to DVD!

SGT Yuen failed 3-4 times and wasted lots of DVD-R blanks. These are special CID DVD-Rs, which are custom pre-printed with CID logos, I have 2 copies with me. And SGT Yuen through-out his entire testimony consistantly repeated his mistake of calling DVD-Rs as DVD-ROMs. Best part is the DPP followed his mistake, and the judge also repeated the same all the way in the long and useless testimony over 1 hr, I heard this same mistake calling DVD-R as DVD-ROMs for about 100 times!

DVD-R are DVD-Recordables, not DVD-ROMs. DVD-ROMs are stamped in factory and can not be recorded on buy and laser optical drives. Movies we purchased which are mass produced in factory using injection stamping process are DVD-ROMs, ROM=READ ONLY MEMORIES.

CID technical experts are so confused, and managed also to confused the court.

I took down 4 pages of notes as I listen to this crappy testimony in details. Towards the final part of his testimony he described his process of video duplication was by trial & error! Unbelivable and pethetic!

In brief, the 1st time, he his DV player cocked up that 40 minutes into the recording process, he had to stop because the warning light came up to warn that the tape heads are dirty. So OK, blame that on his equipment. So he replaced entire DV player and restarted his duplication process.

2nd time, he wrongly plugged the cables around and he got NO IMAGE recorded this time! Wasted 20 mins.

3rd time, he wasted another 3 mins again, and another DVD-R, no image again!

4th time, he got his collegues to help him, this time he connected cables DIRECTLY without passing through junction box. He got his MASTER PEICE recorded! Thank him for saving the Singaproean tax payers!

However, this is the problem!

Because he said he Directly connect wire without passing through any junction box or switcher or video mixers, there is then no chance for him to get an alien still frame recorded at the begining, because that is only possible when mixer or switcher was set to wrong source initially, then pressing switcher button after pressing RECORD button can cause an alien frame to be recorded.

Additionally, they claimed to have been using only ORIGINAL - which has only one set of tape, for the duplication. Therefore, unless there is another set of tape to produce the alien image from another machine - which was connected to switcher, where could the alien image had come from?

The equipments he described in his testimony are non-IEEE-1394, they are just DVD-Recorders, DV-Players, and DVD-duplicators, and analog video junction box, and cables.

Unless there was a very complicated system used, which has frame buffer memory somewhere, then it is only possible to have the alien frame from buffer memory. Otherwise, when there is only one set of ORIGINAL tape, there can not be another source to produce an alien frame.

The court break for lunch after a morning wasted on useless hearing which judge did not deem Irrelevant, court resumed at 1430hr, to let this remarkable witness come back to say some thing slightly more useful - he confirmed that his master DVD also exhibited the same questionable frames and problems raised by the defence.

The judge asked him repeatedly, and his answer still remains that he have no idea how could this screw up had happened, and I feel that it is a crime to have this type of government servant kept drawing their salary from tax payer's funds.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Tax Payers to fund FT Video Experts Testimony

As we walk down the grand staircase steps at the front enterance outside Subordinate Courts today, about 3-4 PM, as the trial stopped for the day early. The judge Eddy Tham sent his mata running out to stop us from leaving. Mata said, judge wants to see all the accused persons and the DPP in his chamber.

DPP had applied for time until tomorrow to sort out how they can get Video Expert Witness to examinate the Video filmed by Ang Mo Kio mata Divison, since doubts had been raised about the video's integrity. That being the only reason we were leaving court early today.

So we went back in to the court again, and in to chamber with the prosecution.

So the judge was worried about the additional delays sort by DPP to launder their suspectedly doctored video evidence, that's why he want to see all parties regarding time schedule for the trial. He look really worried.

DPP Lee told us all that, the police had shortlisted a few experts, and are screening their qualifications with greatest efforts now. Unfortunately none of the local experts can do it or were deem as really qualified. So they are trying to contact USA for Video Evidence Expert, (I belive to be CIA or FBI or CSI), and the time zone difference seems to have been their difficulty now, with contacting for the FT experts.

Wow! Our First World mata of Intelligent Island have no local video expert qualify to do this! And we need FT! Wow.....

Judge Tham got very worried about flying experts here taking long time, DPP seems to tell us that they are flying the tapes over to USA instead. This had kind of reminded me of the notorious incident about the multiple-murder case in which a Philippino maid was hung in Changi Prison, and then trigger strong protests in Philippines. In that case, famiLEE LEEgime flew the several corpses around the world, to get FT CIA FBI feransic experts to assist our fat man corronal to make a case to argue against the angry Philippinos, after hanging the maid.

I really feel sorry for tax payers money now, although I am just another victim awaiting to be jailed in this case.

BanZai famiLEE LEEgime! Majulah Singapura! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

ISD worked hard today in sub court

Due to my posting on this blog this morning at about 7am, regarding court room protest, we saw in court today the activation of famiLEE LEEgime security unit which we regard as ISD, closely monitoring and reporting. :-)

About half a dozen of secret security matas, dressed in various ways, half of them looks familiar since they had previously tailed me or policed SDP during General Election or Protests or other anti-famiLEE LEEgime activities. In a recent activist training workshop held in a local hotel, they try to force enter our training session after failing to get the name-list or our participant via the hotel management / security.

These ISDs worked hard today, and I think tomorrow may be their off day? Correct me if I am wrong Wong Kan Seng? Huh?

Protesting the unfairness of court hearing

8th November 2006


In the ongoing trial of Public Prosecutor vs Mr. Gandhi Ambalam; Dr Chee Soon Juan & Mr Yap Keng Ho under Public Entertainment and Meetings Act. The defense have the followings to state.

  1. Under Article 12 of Republic of Singapore Constitution, citizens are ensured Equality and Fair Trial, the defendants being opposition members are being discriminated against in violation of their constitutional rights to be treated fairly and equally by the law enforcement. And in our trial, the judge ruled dozens of times against our cross-examination of witnesses to prevent us from adducing evidence to prove the political inequality. Thus compromising our rights to a fair trial in this politically motivated charge.

  2. Under same article of constitution, the defendants being opposition members are being discriminated unfairly by regulatory authority of Public Entertainment Licensing Unit, that we can never be granted any approval of such license applications. And in our trial, the judge ruled and prevented Dr Chee from adducing evidence from the Officer In-Charge of Public Entertainment Licensing Unit, who stood as witness on stand, regarding this unfairness which violated our constitutional rights under Article 12.

The defendants are protesting against such unfairness in the court room today, 8th Nov 2006 in seek of better fairness and justice, and to persist such protest until fairness becomes acceptable.

Yap Keng Ho is preparing to file following criminal motion against the unfairness suffered on 7th Nov 2006:
  1. Article 9 of constitution had been serious violated in that applicant's hearing had been unduly restrained physically and legally and tortured mentally.
  2. The principal of natural justice had been grossly and encroached upon by the undue interference by the trial judge in favor.
  3. The adversarial system guarantied under the constitution had not been complied with and the trial judge has misdirected himself on the criminal process of the trial.
  4. The trial process in the court below had threatened all the basic guarantees enshrined for the accused under the constitution under article 9 & 12 & 14.
  5. The trial process adopted by the court below violate all the basic norm of international customary law provided by UN under UDHR.
  6. The elected president of Singapore be directed to convince a constitutional court under article 100 of constitution to seek an advisory opinion of the constitutional court of 3 judges in the event that this court does not apply it's mind and powers on the determination of 1 & 5 above. As the all accused in Singapore who are tried politically suffer a state of emergency calling for UN intervention.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This blog MAY be contempt of court!

I had to attend a funeral wake last night after court, and returned home so late, and this morning again have to rush to court, thus I lack time to post anything much on internet, about yesterday's court. But indeed there are much to be said.

SDP had posted 2 articles about yesterday's court. Pse click First & Second to read.

Basically, DPP wanted judge to order me to take this & this down from my blog here, and in addition she wanted to cite my blog postings as contempt of court. I earlier in the morning told the court that I posted questionable doubts regarding mata's video on my blog, as the court was asking us weather any new questions found with the problematic video. I told that to the court voluntarily and openly, while both the DPP & judge raised no objection when I said I posted on internet.

After we all returned from lunch, DPP Lee immediately applied for order of court to make me remove my blog postings, and cite me contempt. Obviously some instructions had reached her during lunch time from above.

My stands remains unchanged that I will not take down the contents, and I will still post the MPEG video on internet, and I will fight my rights to do so all the way to court of appeal. I gave the following reasons:

  1. For trial transparency, and that media & public already in court as video was played.
  2. My blog posting will be able to assist my appeal for witnesses from members of public, as this become necessary later, when court decicded that the prosecution have a valid case against us, and it became necessary for us to enter a defence. At the moment we have not reach this stage yet.
  3. The people of Singapore are the highest judge I am answering my charges to, I present evidence to the people. All judiciary power in Rep of Singapore belongs to our citizens and are only assigned to courts for a collective action of arbitration.
  4. We have no jurry in Singapore, unless judges very actively participate in our blog or online forum discussion, there is actually not much of sub-judiciary problem. 146th are also reporting massively, so why blame this sub-judiciary problem on my little blog?
  5. famiLEE LEEgime have lots of things to hide about this video. They changed their mind many times about using this video, they wasted so much time to prevent us from getting a copy of it. And now even more obviously, they want the public NOT to be able to see the truth via internet!
  6. The DPP compared this video using the ironical example of a murder weapon evidence in court. What murder? What WEAPON? They are admitting that this video will kill the famiLEE LEEgime leathally or what?
  7. There are no secret nor privacy nor obscene within the video, only very opened election activities.
  8. There is no law broken by posting these evidence.
Judge reserved his ruling on DPP's applications regarding my postings. And judge ADVICED me to take away the posting as IT MIGHT BE CONTEMPT OF COURT which he would decide on it at the end of the case.

Both CSJ & myself press for the judgement on this, because we are still going to post on internet, and there is no clear decision made known to us until now as we go along without knowing weather law allow us to do it or not. I said, I prefer a ruling made, and if ruled against me I can immediately appeal against it to high court and all the way to the highest court of appeal if needed.

I am going to tell the court that this exactly is the kind of problem we Singaporean citizens faced with the law and that the judge is just doing exactly like the mata at scene on 22.Apr.06 just before the GE2006, when he INVESTIGATED our speeches. Because even the mata's video captured my conversation with themselves, that I am not intending to break any law there, only to meet voters and sell SDP publications, and I express clearly that I am willing to cooperate with mata, if they will tell me how I can conduct my election activities without infringing the law. The mata were to scared to suggest or reply with anything, just want to warn us not to speak, and just film us, and then later decided to charge us in court. The judge is just the same, that he won't rule on the application now regardless we asked him to do so, and to keep us in the blinded toward the law as we proceed ahead further, then later at the end of trial be sentenced to contempt of court.

If for example Ah Beng took out a cigarratte and lighter, and the law enforcement just film him while warned him about smoking here MIGHT BECOME an illegal act. And Ah Beng asked officer how and what to do or what not to do, gets no reply. Then where is law's stand? Or at least the enforcement officer's stand. It isn't it necessary to inform the citizens clearly, that you can not smoke when seated near the no smoking sign, and that you can smoke if you sit within that YELLOW BOX, so that citizens can decide accordingly on what to do? Why just go on and on without a decision, and film us citizens, and then single-sidedly decide that we are gilty later, after we did a lot of things in the time they kept us in the dark about the law's stand?

The matas were NOT there to prevent law being broken, not to help the citizens, not to even take an official stands regarding the activities SDP were doing at Chong Pang Village market. Just film us and gave useless official warnings, and then refuse to answer our questions of doubts, refuse to guide citizens how to do activities legally. And just as if want to frame us only and find us guilty.

This is the FIRST WORLD famiLEE LEEgime which they claimed to be ruled by rules of law? Or a police state that is out to just frame the citizens who have no intention to break law?