Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HOTA Victim Sim Tee Hua's 1st anniversary

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It is already one year since the HOTA victim late Mr. Sim Tee Hua past away at SGH.

Sunday, 27.Jan.2008, at the FuQuanSi of Bedok, I was invited to attend the anniversary memorial ceremony held by the Sim family, and friends of late Mr. Sim. They are still awaiting for a fair answer and treatment for all their sufferings and wrongs done on late Mr. Sim and the family members of Sim.

The famiLEE LEEgime is still intimidating to charge members of the Sim family over the incident. We still have no news about the mata who abused firearm to threaten the Sims. Late Mr. Sim is not an FT, he is a true blue Singaporean who served NS and worked hard for Singapore. Is the treatment to him and his family members fair?

The HOTA had seen been proposed for amendment, but it is STILL UNFAIR that it is an opt out system taking advantage of those who failed to opt out or unable to opt out, such as late Mr. Sim.

If you have yet opted out from HOTA, I still remind you that your family members still stand to suffer the same treatment like the Sims under the famiLEE LEEgime's HOTA. If you are new citizen or PR you may be unaware of the unfair details but you are under no exemption. Now even Muslims are at no exemption.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Public Forum held for Reform of Electoral System

This afternoon at Allson Hotel, the public forum on Electoral Reform for Singapore spearheaded by SDP was held beginning at about 1410hr. There were about 50 persons attending, and regrettably some of these people came late, some after 1500hr.

The panel was chaired by Mr. Gandhi Ambalam, and filled by Mr. Chia Ti Lik; Mr. JB Jeyaretnam; Dr. CSJ; & Mr. Jufrie Mahmoud. Opposition figures and activists as well as members of public shared their ideas and views regarding reforming of Electoral System for Singapore.

I captured about 99% of the forum on video here, my stoppages essentially were to change camera battery and switch mode to take still pictures.

Mr. Chia Ti Lik's speech:

Mr. JBJ's speech (beginning):

Mr. JBJ's speech (part 2):

speeches of Mr. Jufrie & Dr. CSJ this Part 7 162MB had been cut into 2 segments below.
But audio of that is poorer due to MS WMV

part7a- Mr. Jufrie's speech:

part7b- Dr. CSJ's speech:

questions & answers session
Part 9 159MB is cut into 3 segments below, but audio of that is poorer due to MS WMV.




After the ending of forum:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update on MR. P. held by famiLEE LEEgime's IMH

The local networks of activists is getting aware of the detention of our MR. P. already. Mr. JBJ isn't in town but had been informed, and he will be back on Monday and look into the matter. Other lawyers Mr. Chia Ti Lik & Mr. M. Ravi have given their opinion and assistance.

I had spoken to the younger sister of MR. P. for about 30 mins she visited her brother at IMH. I also confirmed the Investigation Officer is a Kweak of Central mata Division after spending about 1 hour waiting at Cantonment mata-chu. I will try to reach the I/O tomorrow.

Unfairly and unfortunately I think the short-coming in MR. P's ability of expression combined with his strong concerns and feeling over political matters including Singapore politics as well as political assassination of Benazir Bhutto, drove him into making phone calls to complain and vent his dissatisfactions. The American Club apparently felt his call disturbing and complained to famiLEE LEEgime mata-chu. MR. P got picked up by 5 matas from his home afterwards, and Central mata-chu confirmed with me, that he was arrested for UNSOUND MIND & IMH doctors seems to be keeping him.

The unfair part is MR. P's action and political views were subjected to the interpretation of famiLEE LEEgime mata as well as IMH's doctor, and even his own sister who disagree with him politically. I wouldn't say that MR. P. makes 100% perfect sense to me, but I have known him for years and I am sure that he is harmless. It is unfortunate that some peasants feels so strongly on politics but lack suitable ability to express their views well, as a result they accumulates so much stress which they found no way to vent.

MR. P often call opposition people to vent his stress and express his views, some people lack patience with him and treated his calls as pest. I will answer his calls when time & situation allows, I think he deserve our kindness and patience, due to his contributions. Just for making these telephone calls complaining on politically sensitive subject does not justify MR. P's detention in IMH, I hope IMH's doctor could help him in relieving some of the stress MR. P. suffers, and holding him in IMH against his will I think will depress him and unable to get his cooperation, I think he will listen to Mr. JBJ & myself, we will try to intercede with him.

I don't believe that MR. P. is able to threaten or harm anyone, detaining him for so called UNSOUND MIND is too much. Everyone in this red dot is under some stress, e.g. Ass Loong's son's wife before Ho Jinx took her own life due to her stress suffered in the famiLEE, is she classified as unsound mind? Why not put her in IMH? One minister of LEEgime hung himself dead in his own bathroom is he also of unsound mind? Why not in IMH? Adolf Hitler had been analyzed as insane by many experts, but his position and power far exceeds old dog thief LKy. It is bloody unfair that those who are not supposed to be kept in mental institution are and those who are supposed to be in there are holding high powerful position victimizing the public.

I can bet you that in some later days there will be books written about the unsound mind (rotten DataBank) of old dog thief LKy just as many as there are publications about GW Bush. :-)

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Friday, January 11, 2008

famiLEE LEEgime hold Active Opposition in IMH

This evening, I was informed by Mr. Ng Teck Siong who is forming the Reform Party with Mr. JBJ, that our familiar loyalist MR. P. called him from IMH where he is being held by famiLEE LEEgime. Mr. Ng will inform Mr. JBJ, and I had informed several other opposition figures immediately.

MR. P. is very well known among opposition circle, a loyal supporter of Mr. JBJ and ex-member of WP, now strongly supported SDP & up coming Reform party. I think his age is over 50, well educated but isn't able to express himself very well, but has very strong sense against injustice, as well as plundering.

According to Mr. Ng Teck Siong, MR. P. was held over some telephone calls he made to some locally based foreign organizations, in which he expressed strong concern and anger against the recent political assassination of ex-PM Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan.

All those who know MR. P. will agree with me that he is totally harmless and non-aggressive regardless how angry he is. He is rather old and a bit sloppy, and seriously lack good communication skills and always stutter very badly when he speaks. He is much more patient than most of us, ultra kind hearted and very strong sense of sympathy and righteousness.

Without much details at this moment, I have no idea why Mr. P. could be detained by famiLEE LEEgime, and put in Institute of Mental Health. Accordingly to Mr. Ng Mr. P spoke calmly and logically in the telephone conversation from IMH where he is held.

I alert human rights activists to check out the matter and well being of Mr. P since famiLEE LEEgime has the inclination of abusing mental hospital as political prison and to discredit opposition fighters - this is the filthy tactic abused notoriously by ex-Soviet Union.

Some are telling me that today CNB raided my home, and detaining Mr. P. don't seem to be a mere coincident.


If so then the famiLEE LEEgime is really really desperate and getting ridiculous.

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Arrogant Central Narcotics Bureau searched my home

This afternoon, while I was alone at home, reassembling a harddisk into a laptop belonging to my friend's child - after cleaning Trojan horse from silly MS windows. I heard voices outside my door with rough bankings on my door. I answered 1st in English, Yah? The 1st voice just merely asked my to open up the door. As I was very busy and wearing only my sexy underwear, and the laptop had to be treated carefully, I asked in Hockkien [si mi lang] 什么人?, they replied [cheng hu lang] 政府人!

As I wasn't going to open the door in only my underwear, I told them to wait for a minute. So that I could carefully put away the laptop and go to my room to put on my boxer shorts. But in just 10 seconds, they banged very loud on my door again. I got annoyed and asked: [cheng hu lang tua si ah] 政府人大死啊?

After I put on my shorts, I opened the door. Saw this 3 guys outside:

Images REMOVED 10:15Hr 11.Jan.2008 see notes below.

Then in Mandarin I asked who were they looking for? They gave me a name which I will only disclose as MR. M.

Mr. M used to live at this place but no longer in the past nearly 2 years, but obviously had not changed his address. I found out that these 3 from famiLEE LEEgime's Central Narcotic Bureau want to find Mr. M who no longer live at this place, but they were no looking for any drugs.

Under famiLEE LEEgime's law, CNB could search houses without warrant unlike other matas. So I let them in to find that I am the only person around. The 3 came in for less than 3 mins.

I confronted them that their attitude were arrogant and impatient to wait for even a minute for the door to be attended. They explained that they fear Mr. M. could had escaped by jumping off at the back. I wasn't impressed by their explanations.

I went out to return the laptop to my friend afterwards. When I returned home later, saw this note with a CNB card slipped under my door:

It seems to be from SGT Christopher Koh - Special Task Force - CNB.

I am not very surprised that CNB looks for Mr. M. because famiLEE LEEgime's subordinate courts and others were also after him, and had been troubling me about Mr. M. but at least, not in such type of impatient and arrogant 1st world attitude.

Really 1st world matas of famiLEE LEEgime.

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notes: This morning 1000Hr the CNB's Assistant Superintendent with his men came and woke me up from my sleep. They said that they had try to look for me few time yesterday, fearing his men's undercover identity got exposed by my video. I complained to that ASP that his men were very bad attitude and arrogant, and had lied to him, fabricating something about they told me not to film & post. They indeed had agreed to me filming as I informed them when they entered my home that I am filming, and will post on internet, it was recorded in the audio:



The CNB ASP then explained that his men are all doing very dangerous jobs, and their lives could be at risk if identities got exposed. I agreed with that. He asked to immediately remove their pictures or else he will apply for court orders. I replied that I am not afraid of famiLEE LEEgime's courts, and told him not to think that the courts could be used to pressurize me. [as Cyber Community are aware that I did not fear even the AGC tried to cite me contempt of court the last time, about posting the evidence videos.] I told that ASP that I can consider to remove their pictures from online, but that can be already too late, because it had been there since last night.

My intention is to expose arrogant impatient CNB, who are just used to non-stop banging of doors, and won't wait for a moment. Just like this morning, they did it again, I told them that I worked late, and is still sleepy, and being not the suspect nor under arrest I asked them not to disturb my sleep and come back one hour later. They just won't! 政府人大死了?

I have no intention to endanger CNB's lives, nor I like the drug rings to be able to identify them. So for this consideration, I agreed with that ASP to remove the pictures showing his men's faces. He was happy and hand-shacked with me and left after our 15 mins conversation at my gate.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Day 5 night shots & Day 6 Closing Shots

Seelan's 5 Full Days of HungerStrike outside of Malaysian High Commission in Singapore ended this morning Saturday 5.Jan.2008 in full success. Congratulations to our young activist Seelan. :-) He broke fast in the greetings and cheering of dozens of supporters at about 0915Hr after 5 full days of HungerStrike supported by friends & family members and activists as well as public supporters and witnessed by media & Internet community.

It rained for about an hour this evening approximately 5pm, it is the longest rain in the entire action. As a result everything is wet and ground is damp. Seelan & Kai Siong were also wet, but not so bad, I was not at scene when it rained, only on my way there after uploading the previous videos online.

5 persons including Seelan spent the entire of the final night, including supporters who had never been in any sort of activism before. I was also among the 5.

The day began before 0700Hr, as we got Seelan up to brush & wash up, and had him drink warm water to drive away the chill from a wet cold night during which we slept on the damp ground opposite the Malaysian High Commission.

Foreign press reporter interviewing Seelan:

Seelan got busy coordinating with Malaysian supporters accordingly one large bus load of 50 who organized to come to Singapore's Malaysian High Commission to show support. The NEVER reach here eventually, and in this video Seelan was informing the press etc, that the bus was stopped at the JB side of custom / immigration & supporters questioned particularly about coming to this activity. They were eventually let past after delays and had the bus license plate noted by Malaysian authorities. I have still no idea why they did not manage to reach the Malaysian High Commission even 1Hr after the originally scheduled 0900hr.

About 0907Hr some of the supporters couldn't await any longer for this exciting moment, and without further awaiting for the late arrivals of others, they began to Galan Seelan. And then others carried him up on their shoulders.

About 0913Hr, they let Seelan break-fast, by eating grapes. And also couldn't wait to ask him to speak although Seelan were still trying to await for his friend & supporters who were stuck at causeway to arrive.

Afterwards, during the wait for more than 1 hour, only some of those stuck at causeway managed to arrive, but that does not include that bus load. One more foreign press reporter arrived during this hour (lady with camera wearing green T-shirt).

There were Malaysian bloggers interviewing Seelan in Indian language on video:

Some supporters have to go to work, and before the majority have leaving, they posed for a photo:

Eventually Seelan left on a taxi with Mr. Ravi & Mr. Ng Ejay & Kai Siong etc for his 1st meal in 5 days, I did not join them because I want to rush back to upload all these photos & videos on this blog :-)

At the end of this event, an unprecedented success had been achieved in Singapore's newly revitalized activism world, showing that organizing non-violence civil action can be done this mature way, with the support and participations of volunteers and supporters, without spending huge resources and planing. The event was almost spontaneously done, and accumulating our still very young experiences from just a handful of past activities, we did it so easily. A solo young activist can do it like this, then the potential is very good.

We have also strategies & calculated correctly, that LKy famiLEE LEEgime's mata not only did not arrest Seelan like what happened to Fa Lun Gong & SDP folks, this is also the first time that they did not setup 24 hours video recordings to waste tax payer funds for a protest organized and announced in Singapore.


We also developed some experience to support a hunger-striker in an opened out-door environment for 5 days and give necessary care and provide logistics. I may be able to web-publish a note / guide on this aspect which could be helpful to future activities and helpful to some foreign activist in our network / region.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

HungerStrike BreakFast Saturday 9am please witness

Day 4 night shots and Day 5 day shots

As usual, the candles were lit outside of Malaysian High Commission during the 4th night.

Closer to candles, were lawyers Mr. Chia Ti Lik & Mr. M Ravi, with supporters of this event.

Seelan finally got to rest after midnight when visitors all left. He was feeling sleepy and joints plus muscle pains.

It became a little chilling and dew forming near dawn, I got up at 0500hr to cover Seelan with my fishermen raincoat. He was in deep sleep, and later, mosquitoes began to suck his blood.

I camped overnight at Malaysian High Commission and had just returned around 1430hr to post these medias online. Supporters came early to greet Seelan.

Seelan's health condition on Day 5 became much worst than Day 4: His body temperature had slight dropped and he felt cold even after sunrise in the morning, as a result his bath was delayed until noon. He was struggling to keep himself awake, and does not get up much to walk. When he walked, his balance isn't that good, and the his level of alert is below normal, he responds in conversation is also much slower than Day 4.

As a result, I SMS notes to several other activists for arrangements, and note to take care for this guy differently, including that he must not be walking to bath or toilet alone, and better drink warm water instead of normal mineral water.

After being informed of the situation, Dr. CSJ was the 1st to arrive after fetching his kids from school, he setup a better seat for Seelan which have back-rest.

Later, Dr. CSJ drove Seelan to Delta Sports Complex near noon for his bath, and we got him a couple of new towels to ensure that he is not remaining wet after bath. The other thing is also that we shifted his seats to various places to keep him away from direct sunshine.

We are calling supporters to be around by 0830hr tomorrow Saturday, 5.Jan.2008 at Malaysia High commission's front, to witness Seelan's breaking for fast at 0900hr.

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