Sunday, January 20, 2008

Public Forum held for Reform of Electoral System

This afternoon at Allson Hotel, the public forum on Electoral Reform for Singapore spearheaded by SDP was held beginning at about 1410hr. There were about 50 persons attending, and regrettably some of these people came late, some after 1500hr.

The panel was chaired by Mr. Gandhi Ambalam, and filled by Mr. Chia Ti Lik; Mr. JB Jeyaretnam; Dr. CSJ; & Mr. Jufrie Mahmoud. Opposition figures and activists as well as members of public shared their ideas and views regarding reforming of Electoral System for Singapore.

I captured about 99% of the forum on video here, my stoppages essentially were to change camera battery and switch mode to take still pictures.

Mr. Chia Ti Lik's speech:

Mr. JBJ's speech (beginning):

Mr. JBJ's speech (part 2):

speeches of Mr. Jufrie & Dr. CSJ this Part 7 162MB had been cut into 2 segments below.
But audio of that is poorer due to MS WMV

part7a- Mr. Jufrie's speech:

part7b- Dr. CSJ's speech:

questions & answers session
Part 9 159MB is cut into 3 segments below, but audio of that is poorer due to MS WMV.




After the ending of forum: