Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update on MR. P. held by famiLEE LEEgime's IMH

The local networks of activists is getting aware of the detention of our MR. P. already. Mr. JBJ isn't in town but had been informed, and he will be back on Monday and look into the matter. Other lawyers Mr. Chia Ti Lik & Mr. M. Ravi have given their opinion and assistance.

I had spoken to the younger sister of MR. P. for about 30 mins she visited her brother at IMH. I also confirmed the Investigation Officer is a Kweak of Central mata Division after spending about 1 hour waiting at Cantonment mata-chu. I will try to reach the I/O tomorrow.

Unfairly and unfortunately I think the short-coming in MR. P's ability of expression combined with his strong concerns and feeling over political matters including Singapore politics as well as political assassination of Benazir Bhutto, drove him into making phone calls to complain and vent his dissatisfactions. The American Club apparently felt his call disturbing and complained to famiLEE LEEgime mata-chu. MR. P got picked up by 5 matas from his home afterwards, and Central mata-chu confirmed with me, that he was arrested for UNSOUND MIND & IMH doctors seems to be keeping him.

The unfair part is MR. P's action and political views were subjected to the interpretation of famiLEE LEEgime mata as well as IMH's doctor, and even his own sister who disagree with him politically. I wouldn't say that MR. P. makes 100% perfect sense to me, but I have known him for years and I am sure that he is harmless. It is unfortunate that some peasants feels so strongly on politics but lack suitable ability to express their views well, as a result they accumulates so much stress which they found no way to vent.

MR. P often call opposition people to vent his stress and express his views, some people lack patience with him and treated his calls as pest. I will answer his calls when time & situation allows, I think he deserve our kindness and patience, due to his contributions. Just for making these telephone calls complaining on politically sensitive subject does not justify MR. P's detention in IMH, I hope IMH's doctor could help him in relieving some of the stress MR. P. suffers, and holding him in IMH against his will I think will depress him and unable to get his cooperation, I think he will listen to Mr. JBJ & myself, we will try to intercede with him.

I don't believe that MR. P. is able to threaten or harm anyone, detaining him for so called UNSOUND MIND is too much. Everyone in this red dot is under some stress, e.g. Ass Loong's son's wife before Ho Jinx took her own life due to her stress suffered in the famiLEE, is she classified as unsound mind? Why not put her in IMH? One minister of LEEgime hung himself dead in his own bathroom is he also of unsound mind? Why not in IMH? Adolf Hitler had been analyzed as insane by many experts, but his position and power far exceeds old dog thief LKy. It is bloody unfair that those who are not supposed to be kept in mental institution are and those who are supposed to be in there are holding high powerful position victimizing the public.

I can bet you that in some later days there will be books written about the unsound mind (rotten DataBank) of old dog thief LKy just as many as there are publications about GW Bush. :-)

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