Friday, January 04, 2008

HungerStrike BreakFast Saturday 9am please witness

Day 4 night shots and Day 5 day shots

As usual, the candles were lit outside of Malaysian High Commission during the 4th night.

Closer to candles, were lawyers Mr. Chia Ti Lik & Mr. M Ravi, with supporters of this event.

Seelan finally got to rest after midnight when visitors all left. He was feeling sleepy and joints plus muscle pains.

It became a little chilling and dew forming near dawn, I got up at 0500hr to cover Seelan with my fishermen raincoat. He was in deep sleep, and later, mosquitoes began to suck his blood.

I camped overnight at Malaysian High Commission and had just returned around 1430hr to post these medias online. Supporters came early to greet Seelan.

Seelan's health condition on Day 5 became much worst than Day 4: His body temperature had slight dropped and he felt cold even after sunrise in the morning, as a result his bath was delayed until noon. He was struggling to keep himself awake, and does not get up much to walk. When he walked, his balance isn't that good, and the his level of alert is below normal, he responds in conversation is also much slower than Day 4.

As a result, I SMS notes to several other activists for arrangements, and note to take care for this guy differently, including that he must not be walking to bath or toilet alone, and better drink warm water instead of normal mineral water.

After being informed of the situation, Dr. CSJ was the 1st to arrive after fetching his kids from school, he setup a better seat for Seelan which have back-rest.

Later, Dr. CSJ drove Seelan to Delta Sports Complex near noon for his bath, and we got him a couple of new towels to ensure that he is not remaining wet after bath. The other thing is also that we shifted his seats to various places to keep him away from direct sunshine.

We are calling supporters to be around by 0830hr tomorrow Saturday, 5.Jan.2008 at Malaysia High commission's front, to witness Seelan's breaking for fast at 0900hr.

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