Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2's night shots plus Day 3's day shots

I went over on Tuesday night which is Day 2, and then stayed overnight to watch over Seelan until about noon today, which is Day 3. Lots of Singaporeans & Malaysians arrived, and some stayed with us until 0430hr this morning, thus I don't have much sleep. However, I ensured that Seelan got at least 8 hours of sleep. Local activists arrived about noon time to relief me, so I came back to upload these shots:

Mr Chia Ti Lik & Mr Ng Ejay & Dr. CSJ were among last night's group of local activists. Candles were lit in 5 groups of 5s to symbolize the 5 ISA detainees held without trial in Malaysia.

There were groups after groups of people arriving at evening until midnight, including a large group of 20+ Malaysians on motobikes. about 0100hr another 4 Malaysians arrived in motobikes. The latest arrived last night at 2 am who is known as JACYS on Sammyboymod forum from Workers Party. This 2 morning Americans Cyber writers came.

photo using my camera taken by JACYS :-)

This morning Seelan tried via Malaysian High Commission's security guard house to ask for appointment to see the High Commissioner and was answered by giving the inquiry phone number, which was very hard to get through, and then High Commissioner's personal assistant replied later that he is NOT IN TOWN;DON'T KNOW WHEN WOULD HE RETURN;NO IDEA HOW TO REACH HIM etc. :-)

The High Commission's officials and staffs were apparently instructed by Kuala Lumpur government to make reports after the protest got reported by Malaysian news. The staffs were instructed to take photos of the protester again this morning, and apparently after all the reluctance, a MAINTENANCE MAN were ordered to be the cameraman! He felt extremely uneasy and apologetic to carry out this order!

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