Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wear Life Jacket! Hang the culprit!

5 Singaporeans drown in Phnom Penh's Tonle Sap

"There was a very strong whirlpool around the port area they were returning to, and it hit the boat," he said, adding that the men were not wearing life jackets.

Singapore's foreign ministry said in a statement that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had written to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to convey his "shock and sadness."

Apart from the sadness, I now stress that it is also time for accountability on the safety responsibility.


Who is the Singaporean official leading the dragon boat team? Who is the coach? Who is the safety officer?

Why none of the dragon boat boy were wearing any life jackets?

Nail the culprit of this safety violation! Why is such a simple safety rule not followed? Because there is no $$$fine$$$ for not using life jackets in Phnom Penh? I hope Cambodian authority arrest and charge the culprit for safety violation, and put the culprit in jail for negligence causing deaths.

The dragon boat photos I found randomly on web shows Singaporean dragon boat sportsmen wearing life jackets:

My suspicion is that the Kiasu & Arrogance caused the 5 deaths, firstly they believed that their boys were such good swimmers, secondly they want to be Kiasu to cheat the race by doing it WITHOUT BURDENS OF LIFE JACKETS deliberately. If this suspicion got proven to be truth then there is way more than one person in this Kiasu risk taking conspiracy, all the culprits must be punished then.

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