Sunday, November 11, 2007

Congratulations To Malaysian Reformists

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My sincere congratulations to the reformists of Malaysia in their successful organizing of mass reformasi rally and protest today. I am proud of you my Malaysian cousins! I wish my people here in Singapore could come out and make their stands like you did.

The problem with Malaysian electoral system consist of Illegal frauds and corruptions, but these are far less serious when compared with Singaporean electoral frauds and corruptions which are Systematically LEEgalized and Fraudulence, which is what the old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew installed into his corrupted system.

In Malaysian Electoral System there is at least no such rotten legislated frauds such as the notorious Singaporean GRC SYSTEM; Malaysian Government does not issue NSS Shares to voters prior to polling nor distribute massive vote buying funds via so called Progress Package just 5 days before the polling.

We have all these here in Singapore plus the suing and bankruptcy by the notorious lame bastard familEE LEEgime, which is also not seen in Malaysia.

What we have here is 10 Times Worst than in Malaysia, because fraud and unfairness is institutionalized and LEEgalized, the level of corruption is rotting into the kernel and smell of foul is rising from the core to the heavens.

Malaysia's electoral frauds & corruptions is possible be corrected and punished via law, Singapore's electoral frauds & corruptions is however PROTECTED BY LAW as well as PROVIDED BY CONSTITUTION! Malaysian law enforcement & judiciary courts could act against electoral frauds & corruptions, Singaporean law enforcement & judiciary courts only PERFORM and ASSURE and PROTECT that Lee Kuan Yew's institutionally LEEgalized electoral frauds & corruptions are all carried out as desired by the famiLEE LEEgime.

This highlighted the difference between lawful and unlawful corruptions and frauds. LAWFUL CORRUPTIONS & FRAUDS are thus much worst than unlawful ones and thus DESERVING EVEN MORE PUNISHMENT.

These law enforcements and judiciary are self-proclaimed to be First World or World Class.

Well Done Malaysian Reformists! I wish you all the best, you example set should inspire my fellow Singaporeans.

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