Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Civil Campaign: Singapore Judiciary Watch

Activists had recent setup this Campaign Website for Singapore Judiciary Watch.

This is an idea I had discussed with many people since last year. I actually proposed that legal professionals such as human rights lawyers can help developing countries of Asia to act as providers of ONLINE legal cases clinics, and this effort can be mutually cross helping campaign among Asian countries. For example, Singaporeans help watching Malaysia vise versa. Expanding further and further as time goes by. Professional analysis and comments from the point of justice will help, besides exposure of facts in the cases.

Anyway it is a good start here in Singapore aligned with IBA events. There are out-reach materials in PDF form currently published online at the Singapore Judiciary Watch website. If you are in any position to assist the out reach, please render your help to pass them to international law professionals & IBA persons.

If you have any concept or suggestions or can contribute in any way please write to:
If you know any cases of grief injustice, I hope that website will help to publicize. If you are capable of improving that site, please also email to the webmaster. If you are from another country and are doing a similar campaign, I suggest you join hands with Singapore Judiciary Watch. Together we can come up with something mutually fruitful.


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