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Mr. Wong Kan Seng:

I personally went to Cantonment Police Complex & Tanglin Divisional HQ this afternoon for very SIMPLE INFORMATION from police:

  1. Who from the SDP had been arrested?
  2. What are the charges they had been detained for?
Your first world police gave me the run around as expected, and I have video & audio recordings if you are interested, that after 5 hours of the arrests made the police are unable to tell me these answers to these lawful questions.

Is this how first world it is Mr Wong?

The charges have to be officially told when arrests were made. This is not something for police to decide after 5 hours. A decision on the charges under which arrests were made have to be decided before arrest actually took place.

I discovered that more than 4 of my friends are now missing in this notorious police state, and they were all last seen in front of Istana this afternoon. I demand only the police to confirm who are in their custody and under what charges. If they are not in police custody, I wish to file missing persons report ASAP.

I was stopped at the road side gate of Tangling Police HQ this afternoon when I arrived at 1609hr. Station Inspector Roslan Ramli said he had received very specific instructions to stop me at that gate just on the main road. Under the rainy sky and on the wet side walk I awaited more than 1 hour, and the answers I got for my above simple questions remains as follows:

  1. The police advice me to leave immediately (5 times)
  2. The Police Public Affair Department will call me back regarding this (never until now)
  3. They have to check back with so many officers above before they can answer my questions
  4. Please don't call this number, this is for press only, I am sorry I can not tell you who you should call
The only numbers given to me at report room of Cantonment is 6391000 for Tanglin, & at the road side outside Tanglin 64782122 for Public Affairs Dept.

Is it usual that members of public checking up on the status of arrested persons are to be awaiting at the road side outside Tanglin Police HQ under rainy sky and wet pavement Mr. Wong? This is First World? A Cantonment, I could give my NRIC in exchange of pass to the report room and have seats to await for replies.

Why Mr. Wong that some officer from higher appointment than Station Inspector Ramli had given specific instructions to stop me at the road side? Why repeatedly they advised me to leave and couldn't answer my lawful question regarding arrests of Dr Chee & other SDP folks?

The world is now reading the news about the arrest made, but WHAT CHARGES were they made under?

Please Mr. Wong!

Thank you!


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