Thursday, October 04, 2007

St Martin's Drive Entirely Opened

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As from 2000hr (8PM) last night (3.Oct.2007) onwards, the LEEgime matas stopped their deployment at entrance of St Martin's Drive leading to Burmese Embassy. But their video crews are still up on the hill near gate of embassy filming us 24 hrs. The number of video cameras reduced from 2 to just 1.


SDP's vigil is yet further being extended again, and might be stretched till weekend, when most of the workers can participate.

Activists' & SDP folks & WP folks take turns to man the desk for petition signing, it had been there since Sunday night (30.Sept.2007) and maned 24 hours.

Currently the number of signatories exceeded 1000, and number of candles used exceeded 2000.

I call for more participations, bring your friends, you will not be harassed by police any more. Bring more candles! I also call for volunteers to help the final clean up of wax from road curbs after the event, oh yes! it is waxy!


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