Monday, October 01, 2007

Shameful LEEgime mata obstructing Peaceful Vigil

Before 1600Hr

AFTER 2100Hr

As famiLEE LEEgime hypocritically accused Myanmar Junta, they sent their own ISD mata (all plain clothes) on Tanglin Road & St Micheal's Drive, to do all they can to obstruct Singaporean & Burmese & people of other nationality, as a petitioning and candle light vigil was held in front of Myanmar High Commission Embassy the afternoon through tonight.

The vigil is still on-going and WILL CONTINUE FOR ANOTHER NIGHT due to popular demand. Hundreds of signature had been collected so far, and should have exceeded 500 by now. Despite that the famiLEE LEEgime's dozens of plain clothe mata managed to turn away about 25% of people, via their harassments and intimidations.

Singaporean Activists had been busy Policing these LEEgime matas and videoing where they harassed people approaching the Embassy. I have the follow suggestion to particularly the Burmese:

  1. Ask to see the mata's warrant card if they stopped you, copy their rank and names and card numbers - you can even take video and photos, it does not violate any law.
  2. Don't be rude, and identify yourself.
  3. Tell them that you are Burmese on your way to your country's embassy, you have the rights!
  4. Assure the police that you are there only to sign a petition and light a candle, and after that you will peacefully leave, and you have no intention to break any Singaporean law. Just want to pray for your own country's peace because your people at home are at crisis.
  5. Unless there is an official curfew announced (TV Radio) all public roads are opened to freely passage of all members of public. Show them your work permit or student pass. If you are illegal immigrant don't go there!
  6. If they insist that you can not pass their blockage, post their warrant card ID etc on internet, or email them to me. I will see if Mr. JBJ will help us to take Police Chief to court for their unconstitutional acts.
  7. Be peaceful, do not raise your voice nor insult matas, they are just doing their jobs following orders from above them.

I have this message to SPF matas, please don't waste tax payers money to police a peaceful vigil and stop people from approaching Myanmar Embassy. Just 50 meters from where you deployed so much man power, I witness street hookers, and possible drug users walking the road. There are more prostitutes in the near by Orchard Towers than your police outside embassy. Please do something more useful for our tax payers' money!

I remind Wong Kan Seng that last year during WB / IMF at Hong Lim, a murder took place about 100 meters from Hong Lim where you placed entire task force unit to obstruct free movement of activists. Please don't make another joke again for SPF! Get your priorities right!

I am not hostile to your matas, and had been in fact doing your mata's job including chasing snatch-robbers, as your mata arrived late upon 999 call to had the robber escaped. Activists are not there to obstruct police work, indeed if there were thieves or rapists around I will be proud to risk myself to assist you matas to enforce law. But please don't apply your enforcement rights in such awful and shameful ways to deprive our Burmese friends a chance to a meaningful vigil.

To satisfy the law, I am will to sign a permit application form for formality.


These Burmese people appreciated our help, and some of them almost cry out to thank us (no tear gas!). To our Burmese friends, that is a little something we Singaporean can do to help, and please don't forget to help our Singaporeans when the time come to our needs. :-)

I am proud of Burmese people's patriotism and righteous courage. They are mostly unafraid of Singaporean matas. They know their civil rights better than most Singaporeans here - I saw them talked their way through mata blockage! My fellow Singaporeans - you have really made yourself 2nd class here! This is our own Republic of Singapore, imagine your civil rights being violated abroad, dare you assert your rightful passage against foreign police?

Hundreds of Burmese arrived even in lorries. They brought us so much food and drinks in appreciation that there are lots of surplus around! :-) Talking about hunger strike :-Z

I am arranging with the Burmese to speak at Speaker's Corner next Sunday, 2PM, on Singaporean & Burmese Freedom. This is the tentative plan that may be reschedule, I will re-confirm on this blog. I will invite other Singaporeans who are willing to assist to speak at the even, interested speakers please email me ASAP.

SGT xx Stopping passage & Asking Burmese to leave:

SGT said that there is no curfew but he would like the members of public TO TURN BACK & LEAVE!

Must Watch This (DSP DEEP SINGH Central Police Division warning people to leave):

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