Tuesday, October 02, 2007

mata enforcement improved at Burmese Embassy


From Monday evenings onwards I observed that famiLEE LEEgime mata's enforcement is improved to be much more reasonable at St Martin's Drive outside of Burmese Embassy, but they are still stopping all the public vehicles and pedestrians except that they only inform the public that Petition Signing is allowed but Staying on after that Isn't allowed.

I gave my feedback to the matas at the road entrance that, they are still scaring away the public because there were half dozen of fierce looking plain clothe matas awaiting at the dark entrance, and the group of matas together approaching any one entering the road in that way is very unfriendly and their repeated mentioning of Investigating ILEEgal Assembly still frightened people away, although that may not be their intention.

My suggestion for the future is mata to show a written instruction sign board or simply give out small paper leaflets in appropriate languages, as Police Advice to Public, that will be more friendly gesture to enforce law, if they want to be First World :-)

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