Tuesday, October 09, 2007

famiLEE LEEgime holding SDP camera & "Suu Kyi"

"Suu Kyi" is that poster with the red FREE BURMA text, which had been displayed for years in the office of Alliance for Reform & Democracy in Asia. It is one of our favorite posters, and it was displayed prominently outside Burmese Embassy the entire last week.

"Suu Kyi" is seen up held by Mr.(PHD) John Tan outside Istana today, famiLEE LEEgime mata still have our "Suu Kyi" held in mata-chu.

In their own cowardly fear, the famiLEE LEEgime arrested Mr. Jeffery George who was the video camera man of today's protest. The reason is the coward famiLEE LEEgime want to seize that video camera of SDP. It has a large harddisk and lots of important videos inside. I demand that to be returned immediately!

I suggested to SDP that in the future, either an analog video sender or WiFi IP webcams are to be used instead, and event can be even web-casted LIVE. That will be the way to defeat these lame bastards' camera seizure idea once and for all. All they can seize would be a only $50 worth of hardware and NO FOOTAGE will be seized, as footage is LIVE & REMOTELY RECORDED elsewhere safely.


Sammyboymod Thread

Including our favorite "Suu Kyi" a total of 6 were arrested by famiLEE LEEgime at Istana at about 1330hr and only 5 were released at about 2130hr. Still in mata-chu is "Suu Kyi" and the Video Camera, I demand both to be released immediately. Although the 5 had been released, I will continue on my hunger-strike until Wednesday 10.Oct.2007 :-)