Monday, October 15, 2007

Rain or Shine or Police Threats Dr CSJ persist Protest for Burma

Starting from noon Monday 15.Oct.2007 Dr. Chee Soon Juan is protesting opposite Istana at the Istana Park where 5 SDP leaders were arrested last week. The previously arrested and released SDP leaders were at the scene when Dr. Chee began his solo protest today. I arrived with them at noon today at the Istana gate.

Except for the "Suu Kyi" poster still retained by mata, all the same placards slogan as last week's protest were put together for Dr. Chee in one single board. The words in bold red says "No Arms No Deal with the Junta".

After handing protest documents and reading the letter to Ass Loong Son's representative at Istana gate, Dr. Chee crossed the road to begin his protest. He started in standing position. The famiLEE LEEgime sent 2 teams of plain clothes matas to film us. DSP Deep Singh was again caught hiding behind bushes of Istana Park, he ran away when we approached him with camera. Another Chinese senior officer in plain clothes were at the scene commanding his matas.

1315hr Dr Chee changed to a sitting protest position after foreign media interviewing him. At about 1545hr, the sky got dark and heavy thunder storm began. Dr. CSJ 1st began to use umbrella and then changed to rain coat as thunderstorm got heavier.

At about 1500hr Group of about 8 including uniformed task force police came to serve Dr. Chee a warning, as the rain turned lighter.

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