Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Call for Public Action - FREE BURMA Flyers

This is a call to help distribute a FREE BURMA FLYER, via both electronic means as well as physically distributing hardcopies including on the streets:

Electronic Distribution:
Please help to distribute THIS SOFT COPY in PDF format. Click the hyper-link to download a softcopy, attaching it to your mailing lists. Add a hyper-link to your blog or duplicate a softcopy of it on your own sites.

Postal Mailing:
If you like to print hardcopies and mass mail them via postage, you can try this bulk mailing service. You may print them in Black & White for 3 cents per sheet, color laser print may cost (in toner & paper) up to 50 cents. If you are already currently doing bulk mailing for news letters, & other prints for your organization such as church or society, it would be easy for you to just add this flyer sheet.

Press Publishing:
If you are currently doing press printing of news letters; booklets; magazines or any subscription material, you may add the softcopy in any portion of your publishings.

You may put it up on your notice boards, poster stands, your shop window, your car window or any where. The softcopy can be printed in any enlarged sizes, other than the original A4.

If you have experience to do street leafleting, you may print it in full A4 or just half sized for economic consideration. Activists are leafleting this in the streets this week during IBA event, in areas including Orchard Road, you may come and join this activity. You may also organize your own leafleting in your own campus or factories etc. Give to people of all nations.

The peoples of Burma & Singapore will jointly benefit from you help!

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