Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Singapore's most senior practicing lawyer got busy

The following door sign had been designed and ordered at workshop by me today: :-)

Mr. JBJ got busy with court cases as his legal practice restarted just recently, he is happy to serve the Singaporeans in court again. The sign is my gift to Mr. JBJ. I am also reminding him to hurry up the registration of Reform Party and not to get carried away by court cases. :-)

If you have cases that needs a profound lawyer to argue in court, Mr. JBJ is at:

18A, Smith's Street, China Town [Food Street]
Singapore 058932
Tel: (65)6534-9641
Fax: (65)6534-9640

Unlike PAp's lawyers Mr. JBJ don't charge peasants through their noses. :-)

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