Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 3: Dr CSJ @ Istana Protest Park for Burma

Day 3 17.Oct.2007, I arrived at Istana Park about 1400hr. This is the 3rd days after Dr. CSJ camped on Istana Protest Park. Under the hot sun I saw Dr CSJ sitting under his blue umbrella, reading his book next to the "No Arms No Deal with Burma" Placard. Tourists and Singaporeans are taking pictures of him from the Istana side.

The same 2 mata video cameras rolling 24 hrs with 2 matas manning them, seated in the same plastic chairs under the Istana's green fabric shelters.

I brought my WuShu sword to Istana Park and did my exercises while talking to Dr. CSJ. An hour in to that, Miss CSC, Mr M Ravi Mr John Tan arrived with an Australian who is president of some Human Rights NGO, he came here to conduct a video interview with Dr. CSJ. (The blue T shirt blue cap person).

I conceived the idea of using the pavilion of the park for a group hunger-strike, that is a perfect place. :-) Media have access, there is shelter and it is opposite the Istana gate. Moreover GIC Temasek is just at building above the MRT. Transportation is easy, MRT's tunnel has an exit at the Park. If famiLEE LEEgime want to disperse we just refuse to move, ask them to arrest. If they arrest we continue hunger-strike in mata-chu, refuse to post bail, refuse to be release, force them to throw us out of mata-chu.

The activism strategy have to be like molten metal, red hot and sticky, bait them to touch, when they touch, molten metal will burn their hand and most importantly STICK to their skin and continue to burn and impossible to remove without a very significant damage. They don't take the bait, you have to step up action and make it impossible for them to tolerate further.

Oh! You know what?

The swines in Istana were surely feasting tonight!

Bus loads of them arrived at evening and many cars through Istana Gate. Left at night.

NEW UPDATED videos & PHotos of Day 3 (night time)

During the 3rd night, I saw the matas added another 3rd chair to man their video camera, this time a black folding chair, which is in addition to the 2 white plastic chairs. :-)

After 3 days 3 nights, in shine and rain the placard's cardboard backing is soggy and soft, even though there is a plastic cover over it. Dr CSJ had to do some emergency fixing by adding a backing cardboard on the 3rd night. Just to keep the placard standing upright. The following footage are the fixing of placard and returning to the seat at road side opposite the Istana Gate.

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