Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 2 @ Istana Protest Park

I have no idea when is LKy the old dog thief going to come over from Istana to officiate the opening of my proposed Istana Protest Park, but if he don't I am going to do it on his behalf. :-)

This is a peace protest at Washington DC's National Mall opposite White House, everyone knows that is the traditional designated protest ground. Notice that there are fountain ponds at both OUR Istana Park & the DC National Mall as seen in the 2 pictures. :-)

I arrived at OUR Istana Protest Park today about 1500hr just before it began to have another heavy rain. As I walked out of tunnel I saw Dr. CSJ in the process of shifting into the large pavilion of the park to take shelter for the rain, he was sitting in raincoat directly in front of Istana Gate yesterday Day 1. Dr CSJ is a little tired, he didn't get much sleep as supportive visitor had kept coming to visit him.

There is a minor modification to the Protest placard, changing the wordings from "the Junta" to "Burma". This change was done this morning because it is believed that some people don't understand what is "the Junta" when reading that protest placard, Dr CSJ thinks that word "Burma" would help.

This afternoon there was a larger version of mata van parked at the gate of Istana with hazard light turned on, I saw it when I just arrived, but after talking to CSJ for a while that mata van disappear.

The matas decreased their surveillance cameras from 2 to 1 yesterday evening, and I found they increased back to 2 cameras today. I didn't observe any mata coming anywhere within 50 meters of Dr. Chee's location in pavilion. I must say that famiLEE LEEgime provided protesters with good shelters and even Washington DC don't have this! :-)

Matas were hiding under shelters behind the machine gun armed Gurkha at Istana gate across the road. They had not harassed any activists since yesterday. The famiLEE LEEgime also improved the welfare of matas today, that 2 white plastic chairs were provided for the matas manning the 2 video cameras! Wong Kan Seng don't want his Home Team men to go on Medical Leave? :-)

When it was about 2100hr, in lighter rain I ran across the road to the closed Istana Gate to take this picture above of the 2 matas & their 2 tripods and video cameras. Notice I shot them before they could stand up from their white plastic chair to greet me! :-) Fortunately I wasn't using a gun.

This afternoon I met up with 3 IBA delegates from Zimbabwe, at the pavilion with Dr CSJ & other local activists, we had a very interesting comparison between LKy famiLEE LEEgime & notorious Mugabe regime of Zimbabwe. Fascinating similarities and differences.

I discussed my concept of mutual judiciary watch with the President & Deputy of Zimbabwe Law Society, and they responded with interest. I also offered to help them with Internet skills. Under oppressive Mugabe regime these lawyers were framed sued and beaten in prison, but their court acquitted them some times unlike our political cases here. Their regime is another junta similarly using the same set of filthy abusive oppressions as famiLEE LEEgime, but Mugabe's version is the rough one and old dog thief LKy's is the refined version, they are both based on the same corrupted selfish greedy coward principles.

Similar with us, the Zimbabwe leaders of law society are very concern about Burma. And they had also been making comparison between the Burma situation against their own, and are very amazed with the similarities found. We understand now that people from different oppressed countries can mutually assist each other and do cross learnings. :-)

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