Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Excellent Abduction Documentary by Activist John Tan

Congratulations to Mr John Tan for these YouTube videos!

  1. YouTube Part 1
  2. YouTube part 2

.FLV downloadable files for bloggers to upload to their own sites, URLs will be as follows:

  1. download Part 1 19MB
  2. download Part 2 16MB

I also capture still shots of the video for those who couldn't view YouTube due to any technical reasons.

This person called himself Superintendent Micheal Tan and said he was in charge

His T-shirt has SPF logo but I don;t see it in his badge. Since when SPF changed warrant card or is this faked? :

Sup Micheal Tan order his matas to remove Miss Chee by force but still she refuse to be removed, asserting her lawful rights. Sup Micheal Tan's matas grabbed and pulled Ms Chee toward unmarked police mini-bus:

Many vehicles and pedestrians freely past the same road without being stopped nor questioned by Sub Micheal Tan's matas:

International reporters & journalists covering Asean Summit were at the scene:

SPF video crews:

Unmarked mini-bus used by SPF for abduction, beginning with Ms Chee 1st, then Mr. John Tan who was recording this video:

Photos were taken by reporters who witnessed the abduction:

Uniformed police in the mini-bus move towards Mr. John Tan trying to prevent him form taking this video:

Mata struggling with Mr. John Tan trying to black out his video:

Mr. John Tan managed to video again:

Eventually Mr. John Tan managed to fight his way out of the mini-bus of his abductors.


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