Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quiet Empty Deserted Busine1ss Places during GOLDEN PERIOD (Part 1)

Old Dog Thief LKy bragged less than 10 months ago that Singapore in in such a GOLDEN PERIOD that market economy and employment etc are all phosphorous & UP UP UP for the NEXT 10 YEARS! Today is Saturday 17.Nov.2007 and with my new toy digital camera let me take international blog viewers downtown where it is supposed to be busy & phosphorous to check out LKy bragged GOLDEN PERIOD vs the visible reality. :-)

1400hr, 17.Nov.2007 (Sat) @ Sun Shine Plaza Bencoolen Street

I began walking from the Campus of SMU, Bras Basah & Bencoolen area along Bencoolen Street.

Facing Bencoolen Street just next to campus of NAFA etc campuses which is supposed to be excellent busy location for business, but there are 2 empty unoccupied shops in the front, there should be more inside the building, but I shot this 2. In Burlington SQ & elsewhere nearby facing the same main road (Bencoolen ) there are several even larger unoccupied shop units.

One of these units got fully covered up using old news papers, I guess it is a big mess inside. :-O

Then I had meal and took MRT NEL towards China Town.

1733hr, 17.Nov.2007 (Sat) @ Lucky China Town

Just above Pagoda Street exit of Chinatown MRT station, just the 2nd floor (where the supposedly busy over-head bridge links, I found about 10 shop units unoccupied and covered up by some translucent sheets. On that floor alone only less than a quarter of shop units are rented and operating. Out of the operating shops none seem to be busy with any customer. Although the Chinatown just outside the building was busy on the weekend inside this comfortable air-conditioned shopping complex, business don't seem to be good.

1747hr, 17.Nov.2007 (Sat) @ China Court

I walked Pagoda Street towards south, and saw at least half of North Bridge Road's shops not opened and those opened were but busy, however this could be a long time norm for Saturday evenings. I walked further till I reached China Court:

Part of Far East's development, where there was a Banquet Food Court, I found that not only food court had already went out of business, shutdown and deserted, the food businesses at the entire development are mostly shutdown and not operating, while some are still opening without much customer on a Saturday in LKy said Golden Period, at a time when business are busy opening for diners and such be either full of customers or in preparation. However, I found furnitures either stacked up or locked up by steel chains, some are looking quite dusty.

There are several video clips and still shots here after I moved around that complex of development quite a bit spending nearly 15 minutes inside. With exception of one smaller Indian tea stall Mr. Teh Tarik where seating is quite full. The rest of the business are either closed or rather empty. I believe this tea stall is one of the lower spending outlet comparing with the rest.

Mr. Teh Tarik Stall in picture below:

The area mostly deserted, and at least one shop FLUID is entirely enclosed by wooden boards painted in white. The brown wheeled booth carts are all locked up by steel chains, and most of them seems to be no rented out.

No other business except for food and beverage seems to be opened there at a Saturday afternoon.

Adjacent to China Court I walked into China Square Food Center.

1805hr, 17.Nov.2007 @ China Square Food Center

I think this is another one of Far East's development, a 3 level food court restaurant building not far from Raffles Place MRT just a short walks to SGX Center stock & monetary exchange plus all the HQ buildings of many banks including Standard Chartered, UOB, DBS, OUB, OCBC etc. I don't think the restaurant was open on the top floor, I went to the 2 food court floors and only about 10-15% of stalls were opened. The entire place was generally very deserted, with seats mostly empty. I got 1 video clip for each floor. Some stalls especially in the lower floor appeared vacant and unoccupied by a food business, as sign board showed blank white. That indicates that the business at this building is not just being bad on this Saturday dinning hour but even lunch crowd at Shenton's business district during normal weekdays are quite small. If I went up the office buildings nearby I expect to find many empty and un-rented office units in Singapore's financial center. Which is where it's regarded as Financial HUB of famiLEE LEEgime.

The indication is clear that the so called prosper GOLDEN PERIOD don't really show up in these places that are supposed to be. Only minor segments of Singapore get the effects of famiLEE LEEgime's econimic bubble while more other places are in various degrees of contradictions such as these that I managed to capture.


The financial facts that I can see from Yahoo Finance also looks rather depressing for any time, the rather what Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew bragged to be GOLDEN PERIOD. LKy's Satellite Vision is out of order, his Data Bank also out of order, and he is very out of touch with Singaporean people's life.

Today's stock market page on Yahoo:

Last TradeChangeRelated Info
^STIStraits Times3,440.96 Nov 16Down 36.63 (1.05%)Components, More
^SESDUOB Sesdaq213.68 Nov 16Down 0.34 (0.16%) More
^BSRIBT-SRI1,790.65 Nov 16Down 27.04 (1.49%) More
^MAINSingEquities Mainbd181.43 Nov 16Down 2.50 (1.36%) More
^FRGNSingEquities Foreign356.26 Nov 16Down 6.51 (1.79%) More
^ELCTSingEquities Elect105.37 Nov 16Down 1.80 (1.68%) More
^HLRSAll-S Equitites Hotels1,391.59 Nov 16Down 15.97 (1.13%) More
^CMCEAll-S Equities Com1,175.65 Nov 16Down 21.58 (1.80%) More
^ASINAll-SingEquities963.45 Nov 16Down 12.64 (1.29%) More
^MLTIAll-S Equities Multi2,673.95 Nov 16Down 30.24 (1.12%) More
^CONTAll-S Equities Cons603.16 Nov 16Down 11.48 (1.87%) More
^PROPAll-S Equities Prop1,383.02 Nov 16Down 22.48 (1.60%) More
^FIANAll-S Equities Fin2,369.44 Nov 16Down 13.02 (0.55%) More
^TSCMAll-S Equities TSC1,756.21 Nov 16Down 16.78 (0.95%) More
^MAFTAll-S Equities Mig1,538.39 Nov 16Down 32.52 (2.07%) More

The STI chart of the last week:

The Singapore dollar trend chart against Euro dollar from Yahoo Finance:

As such it is rather obvious that the nation following the direction under the unsound mind of Lee Kuan Yew is really unwise and bearing great risk. When reality could be like this when the Old Dog Thief called it GOLDEN PERIOD, what if when we reached Silver? Copper? Tin? Lead? or Aluminum periods? We are going to see starving peasants dying everywhere by then?

The Corrupted and Incompetent famiLEE LEEgime is already unfit to rule and lead, Singaporeans have to seriously do the necessary self-rescue ASAP. The price will NOT BE AFFORDABLE by the time we let the famiLEE drive our country into ruins.


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