Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quiet Empty Deserted Busine1ss Places during GOLDEN PERIOD (Part 2)

1540Hr 19.Nov.2007 Toa Payoh Kopitiam Central food court near NLB

I was actually not preparing today to continue this GOLDEN PERIOD MYTH EXPOSURE activity today but my new toy digital camera was with me. As I as eat at Toa Payoh's Kopitiam Food Court next to the National Library Toa Payoh (near the below the Chinese Restaurant where WP had anniversary dinner), I found that one of my often eaten chicken rice stall went out of business, and I was a relatively new stall in fact the entire place only renovated less than about 1 year ago, after it took over from Banquet which went out of business at that whole space.

Not just that I couldn't get my chicken rice, the Bee Hoon; the Indian stall and Yong Tau Foo stall were also gone as well the corner stall, I think was rojak + Poh Piah. About 5 stalls empty and not operating in the food court which is about 30% of the total. This place was doing very well at one stage under Banquet when it was actually air-conditioned, however when Kopitiam took over, it went to be non-air-conditioned, I believe to save the huge electric utility bills. :-) So many stalls closed here in a relatively new food court is a bad reflection of GOLDEN PERIOD mentioned by none other than Old Dog Thief LKy, so I decided to take these pictures for the blog. :-)

From Toa Payoh I took SBS bus 57 to Sim Lim Square, alighting at Rochor Canal Road, outside this Seng Siong Food Court which is part of Little India's Tekka Mall, I went to their loo :-) and found that yet another of my frequently eaten Kuay Chap Duck Rice is not opened. But it is the only stall found not opened there, so I took one picture. :-) Notice the date-time stamp of the picture near dinner time, and the place was not very crowded - just so-so only. There is a lot of quiet type of people drinking beer at this place usually after dinner unlike the other usual noisy beer drinkers.

At the end of the day when is about dinner time, I went to VivoCity. According to their official web page here, they are already opened for nearly a year since December 2006:

SINGAPORE, 1 DECEMBER 2006 - Singapore's largest multi-experiential retail and lifestyle destination - VivoCity - held its Grand Opening today. The ceremony, which was officiated by Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman of Temasek Holdings, culminated in a dazzling fireworks display and performances by leading local singer, Stefanie Sun and American music performance ensemble, String Theory at VivoCity's third storey Sky Park.
However what I found at my first visit early 2007 2 months after it's initial opening was about 25% of retail spaces they were unable to rent out, but they are very skillful and mindful with covering that up, however it never escaped my observation & detection. Today nearly 1 year after that, I still found with my new toy digital camera these unoccupied premium retail space in Temasek's SGP's largest multi-experiential retail and lifestyle destination - VivoCity - many units of empty retail space COVERED UP BEHIND NICELY DECORATED PARTITION BOARDS!

Firstly, at dinner time of a Monday, I went to their basement food courts Banquet & Kopitam see picture below, with date-time stamp:

2 stalls are not operating, one noddle stall with cash register covered and lights off, the second with all the stalls furnishings gone empty. What a GOLDEN PERIOD in VivoCity! Watch video below:

In the following picture (click to enlarge) next to the GNC shop, is a small retail space that VivoCity had not been able to rent out. It is covered behind that partition with a painted poster nicely decorating their empty retail space! This trick works very well for most shoppers, but I pay attention to building layouts and facilities, and noticed that behind this one for example it is not AHU nor staircase nor lift-shafts, but actually a space intended to be rented out for profiting businesses - but still unsuccessful almost a year after officially opening the mall.

That immediately reminded me that I must start to go about exposing the GOLDEN PERIOD MYTH, and I began to walk around VivoCity to look for their other unoccupied spaces covered up behind partition boards which most of them (not all) are very nicely decorated. The following video show 2 adjacent units of retail space in the lower floor of the mall:

I don't know that reason, but one is nicely decorated and the other is generally plain painted partition. I guess some has already been sold to owners and some are still belonging to Temasek's Mapletree. And owners purchasing these units and unable to rent them out are the suckers losing some money on behalf of Temasek.

The decorations are designed to visually confuse and deceive the shoppers that they are just walking past some operating dinning or retail places instead of empty unoccupied spaces. This is the technique used by Capital Land and others to camouflage their marketing failures. There are similar camouflages in more beautiful and deceiving elaborations in several other new malls. For the Myth of Golden Period they took great lengths to mislead the world, I call bloggers and video activists to do similar efforts like mine to expose the bare truth of famiLEE LEEgime's emperor's new clothes. :-)

I am showing the example here, you can do it too, there are so many of these that you can help to expose. Showing the homeless and poor old folks picking up cans from rubbish and carting cardboard boxes etc, is insufficient. We have to expose that NOT JUST the lowest level of peasants are victimized, but middle class also suffering the smaller businesses as well as even the damn Temasek isn't doing as well as they try to make the world believe. Use your digital cameras and handphone as well as this Internet, expose the Emperor's New Clothes!

I have deliberately took close-up in the videos to show that on these nicely camouflaged partitions, there is a door, with locks and pad-locks, some time there are several such doors in one whole stretch of partitioned front, that actually means there are more than one divided retail units behind that whole stretch, and each door locks one divided unit behind these partition boards. :-)

Please take a good look at these Temasek Fine Arts Of Camouflages, aren't they good? As beautiful as Emperor's New Clothes indeed? Just alike Emperor's New Clothes they are actually failures and lies shroud behind these beautifully crafted arts.

This is taken from the information poster on the pillar showing the layout of the lower floor of shopping mall VivoCity:

I then took escalator up to the upper floor of VivoCity's shopping mall. The 1st unit of unoccupied retail space I discovered there is opposite this Burger King fast food:

Some one had put a mobile poster in front of the door of this small unoccupied retail unit hidden behind this yellow partition boards.

Out of all these unoccupied spaces, I would like to highlight that the following unit is at the very prominent location as indicated by the last video of it. I noticed this retail unit unoccupied since my first visit to VivoCity:

This is taken from the information poster on the pillar showing the layout of the upper floor of shopping mall VivoCity:

GOLDEN PERIOD my foot! They are trying so hard to re-inflate their half wiped-out property bubble, but it's not going to work. The each time they tried they wasted capital can caused damages. The foolish greedy people especially working class Singaporeans who jumped in to these bubbles will get caught with properties they bought at inflated prices and be SUFFERING SUB-PRIME for possibly life-long time when the re-inflation actually prove to be unsuccessful as usual.

Empty and Un-rented / Unoccupied retail units in Temasek's so called VivoCity can not fool nobody about GOLDEN PERIOD especially this is still true nearly one whole year after their official opening. There is no excuse to justify this situation while still calling it GOLDEN PERIOD. Retailers and investors who purchased shop spaces are not getting good deal buying or renting from Temasek's Mapletree & Capital Land.

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew bragging GOLDEN PERIOD is just his signature shameless bragging sales talk, nothing more and nothing less. :-)

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