Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Day 1's night shoots - Malaysian High Commission

I went back to Malaysian High Commission after updating news blog of the previous post and reached there about 1845hr. A reporter was there & SDP's Miss Chee. Apparently there was a passing shower in the afternoon. The rest of the day was cool & windy. I brought down an extra rain coat for Seelan.

Throughout the day & evening, flogs of activists, Malaysians & media had came to support and interview Seelan, and as a result he did not get much rest as I told him that he should. It is not a problem today but if he continued exactly in this way, he would be very fatigue by day 3 onwards. Hope he get a good night rest tonight, for a person on Hunger-Strike, more rest to conserve energy is more important than that for a hospitalized patient who is on IV.

Looking at his water bottles, I think he isn't even drinking sufficient water today. I told this young activist that if he don't find himself going to toilet several times a day, then his body have no chance to dump waste such as Uric Acid at all, and accumulating that will cause him health issue. We will watch over him :-)

I did a 15 minutes video interview with Seelan, before it became dark, see posted here.

Mr M Ravi & SDP's Chairman Mr Gandhi came in the evening, and Dr. CSJ etc in the late evening, he arrived when I went off for meal, saw his car. Mr. Ravi came to honor Seelan in Hindu tradition, with flower and robe. See the picture and video.

This clip below is of one of the supporters of Seelan from Malaysia who happened to be visiting in Singapore, and found about about this news via MalaysiaKini.Com website and came down immediately to show support to Seelan.

Wide media coverage had been seen for this civil action today by 154th & foreign media, particularly a number of Malaysian press.

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This edited YouTube clip by video activist Ho Choon Hiong shows famiLEE LEEgime mata from Tanglin division served formal warning to Seelan as it began to get a brief afternoon passing shower during the 1st day: